Friday, September 23, 2016

The Matchbox Nissan Skyline Giveaway at JCCS is tomorrow. Be ready...

The Matchbox Skylines are ready.  200 marked with an commemorative JCCS sticker, and bundled nicely in a Sterling Protector, to be given out at the Nissan Booth. And maybe a surprise or two beyond that.

So what are the details?

It is basically this.  When you get to JCCS, be sure to visit the Nissan booth and check out all the goodies, from a handful of classics to the brand new Nissan GT-R.  While you are there look for the Matchbox section.  Gerry and Abe from Matchbox Design will be there, I might be too.

First off, have a gander at the amazing 16 Skyline Customs that will be on display, and ogle over the early prototypes of two more upcoming Matchbox Japanese classics for 2017, the Datsun 510 Rally and Nissan Junior Pickup.

At that point be sure to pick up a free ticket and gather the instructions you need to win one of the Skylines.  There will be drawings throughout the day.  If you are one of the lucky 200, you will have one heck of an exclusive.

See you tomorrow...

JCCS Week: The fruitful collaboration of Hot Wheels & Japanese Nostalgic Car...

It is a series in and of itself.

There hasn't been a special series, or a special 5-pack, or an official premium series.  But as Hot Wheels has dipped deep into vintage Japanese cars, there has been a very visible partner: Japanese Nostalgic Car.

I doubt I need to introduce the popular online magazine and blog to most of you.  If you are a car nerd - not just a JDM nerd - you have most likely been on their site.  Editor-in-Chief Ben Hsu and the folks there not only push out interesting features daily, but highlight all kinds of aspects of Japanese car culture, pass along all kinds of news, and have created or been involved in all kinds of super cool car events.  Touge 80's anyone?

And you know they have become significant when their logo has been bootlegged in Malaysia.  Nostalgig.  Hahahahahahahaha.  Maybe I can be immortalized as Lamely someday.  Goals.

And that logo, in proper form, is all over Hot Wheels.  It has been a rich partnership.  Before 2011, the Hot Wheels AE86 Corolla, 240Z, and Datsun 510 were consistent pegwarmers.  But in 2011 things started to change.  The 510 went BRE, and Jun Imai designed two signature Skylines, the Hakosuka and Kenmeri.  The Hako sported a classic racing livery, and for the first time, the JNC logo, or inkan as they like to say.

And thus a love affair was born.  Including the upcoming Track Day 510 and 2017 Fairlady 2000, the JNC logo will have appeared on 26 Hot Wheels models.  With that kind of output, it is more a question of what models JNC hasn't been on.  And it isn't many.

We have seen the inkan on several model debuts, a couple of Kmart exclusives, a Regular Treasure Hunt (Mazda RX-7), a Super Treasure Hunt (Datsun 510 Wagon), and several premium releases, including the entire Japanese Historics assortment.  In JNC's world, a Japanese car becomes a nostalgic once it is 25-years old, and so far Hot Wheels has stuck to that rule as well.  That is why you won't see the inkan on an R34 for example.  That '90 NSX?  It might be time.

And like I said, there has been no "official" Japanese Nostalgic Car assortment, but the variety of models over the years has been significant enough that hobbyDB dedicated an entire page to the JNC logo.

So, to celebrate the Japanese Classic Car Show this weekend in Long Beach, we are showcasing all of the JNC models, minus the Fairlady Roadster, which JNC happens to be giving away tomorrow along with the Track Day 510 at their booth.

credit: Japanese Nostalgic Car
I thought about ranking these, but who am I kidding?  That is impossible.  Here's to 26 more...

In order of release:

Fairlady 2000 coming soon...

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Case Report: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels A Case...

3......2......1.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Find that significant other and give them a smooch, because 2017 is here.  It may not involve Ryan Seacrest, a lit apple, and a ton of lit folks, but Hot Wheels 2017 is here.  (Of course, if you talk to the folks who actually WORK at Hot Wheels, they will tell you 2018 has already arrived.)

Nonetheless, here we are.  Wheel Collectors just unloaded a pallet of 2017 Batch A and has just listed it:

Hot Wheels 2017 Batch A at Wheel Collectors

And as always, they grabbed a case randomly and gave us a case report, 3-by-3.  Cases don't have a theme, but if this one did, it would be entertainment.  KITT returns, and Batch A is the debut of a Halo car and the Charger from the last Fast & Furious movie.  Lots of other neato models as well.


(Oh, and as occasionally happens, we get to play "Spot the Error"!  Can you spot the error?)

There is some good stuff in this case.  Some very interesting new models - Mustang for me, Entertainment for many of you - and a lot of nice recolors.  A few holdovers from the 2016 Q Case as well.

The Regular TH is not a surprise:

The Super is the Chevy II, although it wasn't found in this case.

Matt at WC did let me know they did find two other models in other cases, the white Cadillac Elmiraj and VW Golf MK7, which marks its basic debut after showing first in Car Culture.

What do you think?