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Friday, February 24, 2017

Wait Wha!?! Some of you who ordered the mail-in Hot Wheels Datsun 510 might be in for a surprise.

This Instagram post has been making the rounds the last few hours:

Kudos to @da_collecta for keeping things positive, but yeah, I'd be a little annoyed.  Maybe very annoyed.

I have to imagine the demand for the Kmart mail-in Datsun 510 maybe higher than any mail-in before it, and there has been concern that Mattel was prepared for it.  I have no reason to think they are not, but when someone opens a box expecting Datsuns and it is full of the upcoming Walmart mail-in Toyota, that would be the concern.

Apparently it was a mixup.  Mattel uses the same distribution system for all mail-ins, and things got messed up.  And more than a few of you have gotten the Toyotas instead.  I have two coming, so we will see what I open.  (Maybe I will do it on Facebook Live.)

Nonetheless, Mattel has said they will correct it.  I am not speaking for Mattel by any means, but those who have called have been told that they will send out a shipping label to shop the Toyotas back, and they will replace them with the Datsun.  Annoying to be sure, but at least the problem is being corrected.

So don't fret.  But grumble a bit, because you should.  This mixup isn't cool.  But your Datsuns will arrive.  Eventually.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

So who here is into the Hot Works D1 Grand Prix 1/64 Series?

Hot Works at Japan Booster
I try and keep up on 1/64 diecast, but honestly it is very difficult to do.  The easiest landscape to navigate might be the US, but when it comes to Europe and especially Japan, it is near impossible.

Occasionally a brand I knew little about will pop up and snag my attention.  That is definitely the case with the Hot Works D1 Grand Prix Series.

A few of my good friends collect Hot Works, the now defunct brand of 1/64 drift cars.  The cars are insanely detailed, and something unique to these, the front wheels turn.  And yes, right now these models are red hot.

Because of the growing numbers of inquiries I kept getting on Hot Works, I decided to check with my friends at Japan Booster, and they went out a found a few.  They just listed them tonight, and holy cow.

To quote Will Smith in Independence Day, "I gotta get me one of these!!".

I am sure some of you are giving me the eye-roll and a "duh, we've known for years how awesome these are."  Some of you are cursing my name for throwing the #lamleyhype on these.  Not much I can do about that.  But sorry.  I might blog a bit, but I still get excited when I discover something I was unaware of or not paying attention to before.  Blame Japan Booster's new photo setup on this one as well.

If you collect Hot Works, show me what you have.  Tag my on IG, or share on Facebook.  These are pretty darn cool.

(Hot Works at Japan Booster)

Beige isn't bland with the latest Volvo V60 from Matchbox.

A little discussion emerged the other day in the comments section of the blog about whether it was worth collecting different colors and releases of a particular casting versus keeping just one release.

The logic for some was "Why collect more colors if you already have one decent version?".

I get the question, and of course any one person can collect any way they want.  But I love that models are released in several colors and decos over an extended piece of time.  Put me squarely in the "more the merrier" camp, especially on the castings I really like.

Don't like this year's release?  There is always next year.  And as the collection grows, those you don't like get lost in a sea of those you do.

All that said, one of the reasons I have always been drawn to Matchbox is that they tend to do a variety of colors versus a variety of decos.  It seems Hot Wheels will try and stay true to a real car on its first release, but run with an "anything goes" on subsequent releases.  Matchbox might release a stock color one year, and then another stock color the next.  It means there are a lot more models I will like.

Case in point?  The Matchbox Volvo V60.

The V60 is an instant fave, and I know I am not alone.  A great model choice, and near perfect execution.  Then add to that a stellar debut in Polestar Blue.  Honestly, there could not be a better choice.  It would be extremely hard to top.

So Matchbox didn't try.  For the 2017 version, they went the other way, going from super sporty Polestar Blue to everyday Beige.  Or as Volvo puts it, Twilight Bronze Metallic, which really is only available on the Cross Country.  A beige wagon isn't going to spark a double take, but it is something you see on the road.  A lot.

On its own, maybe the beige V60 is a little, well, beige.  But next to the first release, a cool collection is born.  Maybe the next version goes sporty again, or maybe another basic color.  Or maybe something as sweet as this:

Black with the Matchbox 5-spokes in graphite?  I'm in.

There are bound to be many versions to come.  The beige makes a nice addition.

As always, thanks to Mattel for providing the model for this preview.  Look for it in 2017 Mix H.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

If the 2016 Majorette Limited Edition releases are any indicator, 2017 is going to be a great year.

I keep finding treasures as I go through my office closet.  First I came across the red Kyosho Ferraris that I featured earlier today, and a little later I dug out two Majorette sets that I had featured on the Youtube Channel late last year.

My work with those wasn't done.  I have wanted to photograph the stunning Limited Edition models, in their "don't-call-them-spectraflame" - like colors.  The mirror finish on the paint is exceptional, and the models, at least for me, are well worth having.

Don't call these chase models.  They are limited, but not chase.  Chase models are randomly inserted in assortments, the Majorette Limited Edition models are included in specific multipacks and other sets.  Of course one of the Limited Edition Jags I have came in a blister pack, so maybe that is more chase.  Still trying to figure all that out.

As I was going through those models, a funny thing happened.  My doorbell rang and DHL delivered a package full of....Majorettes.  Inside were new 2017 products, including the much-anticipated Gran Turismo Vision Concept Cars.  The unboxing video is below:


From what I pulled from the box, and from what Majorette has previewed in its Catalogue and elsewhere, it looks like 2017 will be focused and very fun for collectors.  US collectors still need friends overseas to get these, but based on what Majorette has been saying, that will hopefully change.

So, enjoy the video, and here are the most excellent Limited Editions from 2016.  Video and photo showcases of Gran Turismo, Dubai Police, and Mercedes AMG GT are coming soon...