Saturday, July 23, 2016

The third color of the Hot Wheels multipack exclusive Datsun 620 has hit Walmart...

Just a heads up to get your hunting cap on.  Time to hunt a new Datsun 620.

Lamley Reader Bob Parslow let us know that he found the black recolor of the 620 at a Walmart in California.  I am sure it will hit at Targets, Walgreens, TRU, and any other store that stocks 9-packs eventually, but be on the lookout.

Bob was nice enough to supply pics as well, and this may be the best color yet.  If the past is any indicator, this is the final color for the model.  We will see...

(Thanks Bob.)

The Collector is Dead! by Baskingshark...

Hearses at hobbyDB

Here is a question we don't really want to spend a lot of time thinking about:

After all those years of hunting, trading, buying, selling, organizing, and worrying about your collection, what the hell will happen to it when you...ahem...kick the bucket?

It is unavoidable.  Annoying, a burden to think about, but it is coming.  And what will become of that massive collection of little cars?  Maybe you have a kid who will happily take over.  Maybe you don't.  Maybe you think you do, but you don't.  One way or the other, something will happen to that collection, and hopefully, whatever happens will be a benefit to the folks you left behind.

This question came up when I was chatting with my friends at hobbyDB, who are also Lamley Sponsors and Partners.  Frankly, I haven't put much of a plan in place.  I would like to think that I would be able to predict the exact day the dreadful moment would happen, and I could rid myself of the collection in time, with a few dollars left behind.  But that probably isn't the best plan.

The guys at hobbyDB have some ideas, so I wanted to let them share them in this month's sponsored post.  Frankly, I would love to hear your ideas as well.


Link to:

The Collector is Dead! 

It’s the age-old question that affects age-old collectors everywhere; what happens to your collection when you’re not around anymore?

Personally, I’m planning to have it all buried with me, but for those who aren’t, the question still stands. You know how much everything is worth – and how best to sell it all, but – assuming they aren’t also collectors with the same interests as you – will your heirs? Will they – heaven forbid – consign everything to a local auction where it’ll sell for a fraction of the value they could have realized? Or will the whole process just be so overwhelming that everything ends up going to a dealer for even less?

We know this gives collectors sleepless nights and it was one of the problems we wanted hobbyDB to solve when we conceptualized the site. With our recently-added basic price guide, we’ve already released the first building blocks for our collection valuation mechanism and ultimately, that will be the feature that’ll take care of this issue once and for all. 

As of right now, when you record your collection in hobbyDB’s collection management system, you can record the price you paid for it. As we build out the price guide, it’ll take into account those values, plus the values of items bought and sold on the site and other external sources to create a price guide valuation which updates in real time. In your collection dashboard, you’ll be able to see at a glance exactly what the market value of your collection is and what the market value of individual items are. 

And with that, you – or anyone else – will quickly and easily be able to put everything on sale individually at market value – or offer the whole collection or part of it at market value plus or minus whatever percentage you choose. 

Now you won’t need to leave pages and pages of documentation with details of how much was paid for which item, where it should be sold and how much it’s roughly worth – all you’ll need to leave is your username and password! 

Is the Ultimate Fate of your collection something you’ve thought about? If so, what (if anything) have you done about it?


Friday, July 22, 2016

Take a gander at the Hot Wheels display at Comic Con...

Last weekend the Matchbox Team was among 150 to 200 Matchbox collectors, most of whom know each other and share a specific passion for the orange brand.  This weekend, another Mattel Team is encountering something COMPLETELY different.

The Hot Wheels team is in San Diego for the greatest crowd-phobia event there is - Comic Con.

And among the sea of cosplay dorks and "who is Rey's father" experts, the Hot Wheels Team is showing off it latest and greatest.

We were able to get some photos of what is there, and while some lines are a little too "entertainment" related for my taste, there is a ton to get excited about.  Sometimes it is a full line, other times a specific model, and even others it is just the artwork.  And speaking of artwork, what cool artwork there is!

Some of this you have seen, but a lot you haven't.

I don't know how to organize all this, so I am just going to post all the photos that came my way.

So put on the costume of your favorite cartoon character, and scroll through the photos.  It will be almost like you are in San Diego yourself!  Nerd.


Kyosho announces a brand new Nissan GT-R set, and it is available for pre-order at Japan Booster...

Kyosho x Sunkus Lottery 02 Nissan GT-R at Japan Booster
The Skylines and GT-Rs keep coming, and I don't hear much complaining about it.

And now it is Kyosho's turn.  They have done plenty of Skylines and GT-Rs in the past, but they have done some refreshes and are now making the GT-R the subject of their second lottery game.

You might remember the first Kyosho x Sunkus lottery.  The theme was McLaren, and those interested in Japan would go to the Sunkus Market and pay for a lottery ticket.  Based on the numbers pulled, they can win one of the standard models, maybe a special 4-car GT-R set, one of two Sor even a radio-controlled car.

Our friends at Japan Booster, however, are going to eliminate the guessing game, and are making all portions of the lottery available now for preorder:

Kyosho x Sunkus Lottery 02 Nissan GT-R at Japan Booster

You may or may not be interested in the radio controlled car, but there are some real beauties nonetheless to pursue.  The Vision Concept is very interesting, and it is nice to see the Nismo versions on the GT-R and R34.

Me?  Get me that 4-car set and I am happy.

Crab them now, as they will go fast in GT-R-happy Japan.  More on this set to come...

And same with the TLV presale at  There are no GT-Rs or R34s in this batch, but a sporty Galant is pretty cool, and damn if that Nissan President isn't a must-have.  You can see them all here:

Tomica Limited Vintage August Presale at Japan Booster

Lots of cool stuff coming...

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Matchbox 2017 Preview, Part 1: '59 Chevy Brookwood Wagon & 1951 Hudson Hornet Police...

Time to walk through the upcoming 2017 Matchbox New Models.  Through the end of this week and into next, we will showcase the photos that Matchbox allowed me to take while in Albuquerque for the Gathering.

Hopefully you were able to see the presentation last Saturday night on the Lamley Facebook Live feed.  If not, definitely check it out.  Most of the details about the models were presented there.

Here, we will basically show the photos we were able to take.  Some of of the models are EP status, meaning the castings are complete, but without the color and deco we will most likely see.  The others are SLA, or 3D prints.  A lot can change on those over the development process, but you can basically see what is coming.

I am excited about what is coming.  More licensed is always welcome, and there are quite a few.  Originals, or unlicensed models, are inevitable, so my only request - and I think most of you share this - is that the originals look real.  Less fantasy and more realism.  I am not too concerned about the brand of an Arctic vehicle, just make it look like a real one.  And I think the team accomplished that this year.  There is a lot to like, and a lot MORE to like.

But we will start with two licensed models, and more specifically two classics.  The '51 Hudson Hornet Police and '59 Brookwood Wagon are Matchbox no-brainers.  Two that seem like they should have been made years ago.  They fit wonderfully and naturally.

Two things of note, one from each model.  The Hornet will have lights cast into the body instead of with the window piece.  We will see how that looks on the finished model.  The Brookwood sports the fantastic roof rack and canoe, which I personally love.  Accessories are all the rage, and this works well.  The roof piece is removable, and the extra piece also means the Brookwood will have no interior.  We might even see additional roof pieces made.  If so, I have plenty of ideas.

So here are the first two.  Many more to come...