Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lamley Debut: Matchbox 2017 Toy Fair Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6x6 & Leipzig Toy Show BMW M5 Police...

Two big debuts today.

Matchbox already unveiled their 2017 Toy Fair 6x6 on Instagram, and were kind enough to toss one my way for a preview here.  I open it on the video below, and the full feature with photos will be on the blog tomorrow.

But that isn't all.  Today, over in Germany, the Modell Spiel und Hobby 2016 Toy Fair has begun, and former Matchbox Ambassador and Moyshop owner Dirk Schleuer has debuted the exclusive Matchbox Convention Model for attendees: A stunning "Notarzt" BMW M5 Emergency Vehicle.

Dirk handed a couple over to us to preview, and that is coming as well.

Here is the debut video, and both photo features will hit tomorrow.  If you are interested in either, you will have to rely on eBay sellers for the Toy Fair, and Dirk has hinted that the BMW M5 will appear at the MoyShop eBay store soon.

Enjoy the video:

Unboxing: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels A Case (and a variation alert)...

So I have done several Hot Wheels Case Unboxings, and I have yet to pull a Super TH.

Not complaining, as I am not bothered at all, but this long run will make it exciting when I finally do. But this A Case did yield a surprise.  Errors are fun to pull.  Discovering a variation is even better.

And that is what happened in this case, the first of 2017.  Check it out:

(As always, thanks to A&J Toys for the case.)

Odd to see a wheel variation like that in the same case.  I did see a couple on eBay, but not listed as variations.  Good luck.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tomica Limited Vintage goes rally with the Lancia Delta Integrale 16V...

Yeah, they don't LOOK rally, but those Lancia 16V's most definitely are.

Tomica Limited Vintage continues its world tour in the Neo line with another surprise, the Lancia Delta Integrale.  They have been doing this lately, especially with Italian cars.  At one point it was Germany, with Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche getting some love, but in true TLV fashion, once everyone zigged along with them, they zagged.  And now we see Alfa Romeo, Lancia, and soon Fiat in the lineup.

I am partial to those Alfas, but boy are these Lancias a treat.  The Integrale 16V was mode for rally, and even in street stock form they show it.  And knowing TLV's love for race cars, I do wonder if an Evoluzione is in the works:

credit: wikipedia
Even if it isn't, these pair in red and black with happily suffice.  Cars of this era are getting more and more desirable, and if TLV is keen on doing cars from both Europe and Japan from the late 80's/early 90's, we are in for some must-have collecting.

(Start with Lancias at the Japan Booster eBay store...)

2017 Matchbox Hudson Hornet Police: Man I am so sick of beautiful classic Matchbox Police Cars...

Memo to Matchbox.

No one likes these.  No one liked the Dodge Monaco Police.  No one liked the Buick Century.  That Foxbody Police?  Pegwarmer!

So here you guys run with another stunning classic police car, a '51 Hudson Hornet.  Seriously?  With a VUM base?  It's gonna hang, friends.  I wish you could figure that out.  It has already been determined that you don't care, and this is further evidence.

I doubt anyone will like it, but Lamley will.  He'll hype anything.  He will probably pontificate on its detail and looks, and how it is a perfect Matchbox.  There should always be a spot for a classic police car new model every year, and this one fits so well, he will say.  Then he will, as he always does, suggest a few other classic police cars that would look good on a Matchbox blister.

Maybe cars like the '83 Nissan DR30 Skyline Police.  Or a Toyota Crown Police.  Or a Dodge Coronet.  Or a Dodge Diplomat.  Just keep that slot open, and keep filling it with awesome stuff.

For now, the Hudson Hornet fills that slot, and it is a must have.  It seems like a model that could have been done 10 years ago in that other Golden Era.  Its existence in the 2017 range I think says a lot about where we are headed.  Fingers crossed it continues...

The obvious pairing is the Buick Century Police, and wow do they look good together.  Too bad no one will buy these terrible models.  Look for the Hornet later this year/early next...

The Hot Wheels Fast & Furious Dodge Charger is a bouncy little treat...

Now this is fun.  A little old school Matchbox and some current Majorette packaged into a Hot Wheels.

Pics coming later.  But nice bounce, right?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

M2 can be a nightmare for DLMers, but boy is it worth it...

My fingers hurt.

I spent the last few minutes opening the Auto Zone exclusive M2 set.  It started like this:

Several tiny screws and some cramped hands later, I had this:

Honestly, I don't know if M2 really wants you to fully DLM their stuff.  That packaging is really nice, and terrible to open.  And even once the box is in its rightly place in the recycling, the lift that holds these cars is too cool to take apart.

But I did, and wow, this is some cool stuff.

M2 needs a lot more coverage here.  And they are going to get it.  For one, they are supercool folks over there.  Designer Sean Taylor with his killer beard is quickly getting a reputation as an approachable, down-to-earth guy whose passion for all things vehicular is greater than all of us combined.  He talks about his creations like I talked about my first diecast firetruck when I was four-years-old.  Pure, unadulterated joy.  And he is a skilled designer to boot.

M2 is for the collector, so these guys know collector-speak.  They know what collectors like, and they make collecting M2 fun.  The chases they do always change, for example, and I have sensed more and more excitement about finding them.

Oh, and the models.  The best way to put it is these models are really good looking.  They are not afraid to do what it takes to max realism AND style.  And from what I have heard, they are going to take that to new levels in the future.

So I am showing M2 now, because we are going to be seeing a lot from them moving forward.  I want to be part of the movement.

So today it is the Auto Zone set.  I will say, if this were a Hot Wheels set, I would not have picked it up, unless I couldn't resist the castings used.  In the case of this set, the Auto Zone logo is all over these, but in a realistic, vintage style.  They picked the right castings, and made the deco appropriate. Not a current style on a classic truck.

And yeah, once you sacrifice your hands to get these open, hot damn!!  Some have mentioned the use of so many little parts can add to the detail, but can make these models fall apart.  I see what they are saying, but so far I haven't seen the lack of quality that I have sadly seen with Greenlight in many cases.  But as I open more, I will see.  Right now, these are begging to be opened and displayed.

I haven't talked too specifically about the castings here, but that will come in the future.  Collectible diecast for me has to be a mix of interesting casting choices and fantastic execution.  That is why Tomica Limited Vintage has my unbridled devotion.  That is why I collect Auto World and Kyosho.  That is why I have finally started hitting the M2 section of the pegs every time I visit a store...

(Next M2 feature?  I am going to open some chases.  Better get my hands ready.)