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Monday, March 27, 2017

So why the run on this HW FnF Skyline? It is only the third best version.

Boy I got this one wrong.

When Mattel sent me the latest Fast & Furious release a few months ago, I was positive which models would be the most popular, and which would hang on the pegs.

I would have bet my house that the white Supra that paid tribute to Paul Walker would be the most popular, followed by the black Honda S2000.  I also figured the R34 Skyline would be a pegwarmer considering this is the third time the R34 has been released with this deco.

Swing and a miss.  The Supra has been a must-have for most collectors, as has the S2K.  But it is the Skyline that has been gobbled up.  And up.  And up.  The most common phrase I seem to be hearing is "Found a bin, Skylines gone."  Crazy.

It isn't a surprise that the model has been popular.  The R34 is surely a collector fave these days, much more than its initial release.  But this popular?  There must be a lot of new collectors - which is a good thing - that have started in the last couple of years, because I don't get why this model has been so wildly popular.

Especially since there are two far better versions.


This is the third time the R34 in silver with blue deco has been released.  It first appeared in the very first Fast & Furious assortment a few years ago.  It appeared a couple of years later as well.  And now it appears again in this batch.

It isn't exactly the same though.  The silver is more metalflake and brighter than the first two.  It also has smaller tail light tampos.  But most glaringly, it is missing the front hood and grill stripe.  It doesn't look odd on its own, but compared to its previous two incarnations, it looks sadly incomplete.

But.  It is the R34.  And yes, there are probably a ton of collectors that missed out on the first two releases.  But I didn't think there were enough to create this kind of buzz.  Maybe it speaks to buzz itself.  I of course have been accused of hyping things myself, so maybe I am an expert.  Hype can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.  One person hears another is gobbling up all the Skylines, that means that person must do the same.  That hoard goes up on Instagram, and more follow, and whammo.  Buzz.  Hype.  Whatever.

But it is all good.  I think there are plenty to go around, especially as collectors realize their dollars might be better spent on buying one now, and spending the extra it takes to get a previous version with the stripes.

But to each their own.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Enjoying those back-in-time finds.

This was Part 1.

This video is Part 2:



Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hot Works Racing Factory is Rad.

Japan Booster Auctions
It's the little things.

I'm a diecast nerd.  I started Lamley as a place to post photographs of 1/64 diecast cars, and I sure as shit enjoy doing it.  I still get a smile on my face when a particular shot just comes out perfectly.  Right angle, right light, and definitely the right model.

So shooting these Hot Works models provided a first for me.  1/64 models with the wheels turned.  That's it.  Wheels turned.  And I was giddy.  Like I said, it's the little things.

But damn:

So yeah, Hot Works models have front wheels that turn.  It is a cool feature, and well thought out considering these models are all replicas of drift cars.  These models were released in Asia a few years ago, and were off my radar.  One, because it is hard to keep up with diecast out of Asia, and two, I wouldn't call myself a drift aficionado.  But wow, these are cool.

Our friends at Japan Booster have added a few to their store, and are available at auction now:

Japan Booster Auctions

And that is where the two red S15's came from.  The others came from my friend Mon Rayos of the DCPH - Diecast Collectors of the Philippines, who was very kind to send some over.  And man these are cool.  Drift fans?  No brainer.  Diecast fans?  Seriously a no brainer as well.


I might have to get a few more and add them to my growing collection of 1/64 race cars, mainly from Asia (Kyosho, TLV, etc).  You, because turning wheels.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Lamley Unboxing: 2017 Matchbox E Case

Better late than never.


Can you guess?

More fun from the Hot Wheels Design IG feed:

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And not to be outdone:

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

With two more Porsche 911 coming from Tomica Limited Vintage, here are the first 9 you need.

TLV Porsche at Japan Booster
This is the truest Porsche Party you can have in 1/64.  Heaven knows there have been plenty of 1/64 Porsche parties lately.  Hot Wheels is on a massive Porsche kick.  So are many other brands.  And we are just gobbling them up.  As well we should be, as there have been crazy good releases.

Before this tidal wave hit, the most signature of all Porsches were already out there in 1/64 were already out there.  Several years ago Tomica Limited Vintage released a stunning series of Porsche 911 and 912 replicas.  Four 911S models with the side deco and fuch wheels, two early 912 and 911 models with dish hubs, and two Japanese Police models.

And as the Porsche surge has hit our world, these have become more and more sought-after, to the point that they are very difficult to come across.

Thankfully TLV is bringing the Porsche back.  Next month it will release another 911S in blue, and a 911 in a special 50th Anniversary deco.  Japan Booster has them available for preorder along with the rest of the loaded April release.

It is a welcome return for the Porsche, and while I have no idea, I have to think we might see a couple more in the coming months as well.  But there will be many collectors will discover how beautiful these are.  Bone stock, highly detailed, pure TLV.

In anticipation of these two, I decided to photograph all nine of the TLV 911/912 models.  Japan Booster also decided to make all nine available this week as well:

TLV Porsche at Japan Booster

I can't decide on which mini TLV collection I like the most.  The Porsches are up there.  They are easily my favorite 1/64 Porsches in the collection.