Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Matchbox 2017 Preview, Part 3: 1970 Datsun 510 & 1966 Nissan Junior Pickup...

Alright, now that we are in Part 3 of the 2017 Matchbox Preview, how about some SLA models, or 3D prints?

The last two posts have of models in EP phase, which means - outside of maybe some minor changes - the castings are essentially done.  The SLA models are MUCH earlier in the development stage, meaning a lot could change between what is being shown here today and the when the finished product is released later.  That makes it even cooler that Matchbox shows these, and even lets me photograph them.

So here are two that bound to get some attention.  So much has been said about the upcoming Nissan Skyline, and the 510 Rally and Junior Pickup seem like great follow-ups.  The Matchbox 510 will be quite different than the Hot Wheels offering, going full rally with a higher stance and a roof rack.  The Peter Brock Mexican 1000 livery just stirs in my head, and I hope we see it some day.  I am just happy to have the casting now.

The Junior?  As JNC put it, it is a very interesting choice.  A Nissan Pickup isn't that out there, and neither is a Junior.  But this Junior?  Not only a vintage casting, but for those that know Matchbox, a purely vintage, throwback choice.  Think cool, think mainstream, and take a sudden left.  That is what Matchbox did a time or two every year back in the day, and it is so cool to see them do that this year.

So here they are, clearly two of the more anticipated models of 2017.  Thankfully the Matchbox IG page will let us watch them develop...

1970 Datsun 510 
*note that one of the mud flaps broke in transit to the convention.  It will obviously have both.

1966 Nissan Junior Pickup

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Case Report: Opening a 2016 Hot Wheels P Case...

Hot Wheels 2016 Batch P at Wheel Collectors
P Case is in.  That means one more to go and the Hot Wheels 2016 basic range closes out.

We have our first 2017 model to preview - that comes later this week - so my guess is information will start streaming through soon, and I don't mean all those leaked sneaks.

But let's stay with 2016 while we are still here.  Wheel Collectors received their P Case pallet today, and all the models are now listed:

Hot Wheels 2016 Batch P at Wheel Collectors

And as always, they picked a random case and opened it 3-by-3 for Lamley Readers.  The theme for this case appears to be sports cars, but let's see what you think.


No Super in this case, but that would be the Nitro Doorslammer if you are lucky enough to find one.  The Regular TH is the Repo Duty.

The highlights for me?  No surprise, the Porsche and Lamborghini.

It's gonna be fun to feature these...