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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DLMer's view of the Hurst Olds 442, a couple of Camaros that cannot roll, and a stunning 67 Mustang TH...

A couple of models I haven't gotten to yet:

Hot Wheels Hurst Olds 442:

This is not a casting I would normally pick up, nor is it the best casting HW has done, but in this design it seemed a like a good one to have, mainly because it is based on this:

A little info on the Olds Hurst Editions here.

HW Boulevard 69 Camaro:
The Boulevard Series has produced some truly beautiful models.  The problem is most of the models I don't collect, so I have purchased very few.  The few I have I will be sure to show off here in the future.  
I am also a big fan of the 69 Camaro, but prefer the Matchbox version to this one.  But there is no getting past this version.  It is beautiful.  The color stands out and I love the wheels.  There is one problem.  I doesn't roll.  The rubber wheels get caught in the wells and it stops dead in its tracks.
Which is not a surprise, because its convertible counterpart suffers the same problem when wearing its Super TH shoes.  At least they look good together:

HW 67 Custom Mustang TH:

I was lucky enough to find this one on a short card at Kmart today.  There is no getting around it for me, this is one of the best looking regular Treasure Hunts Hot Wheels has ever done.  The casting is great, and the wheels and design work so well.  Not to mention it photographs beautifully.

More DLM photos to come...


  1. Hey, don't know if you've noticed, but the Olds lacks on a golden tampo near the window on the second picture.

    About the TH Mustang, i don't like the "fast and the furious" look. If i'm lucky enoug to fing one, i'll try to remove the blue and white stripes on the sides...

    1. Hi,Mr.Luiz,if you have not recieved on yet contact me,I got on a few months ago with a Tyrrel TH also.Thanks.