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Monday, May 7, 2012

First Look: Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX makes its way from the Speed Machines to the mainline...

Like many HW collectors, I am a sucker for Ferraris.  Well I am now at least, since Ferrari decided to make good looking cars again (It had been awhile).  Ferrari and Mattel must get along very well, and it is a relationship we all benefit from.  Keep those Ferraris coming...

We have and will see a few Ferraris in the basic range this year, including the New Models 458 Spider (a full photo spread coming later this week...stay tuned).  And although not a New Model, the fantastic Ferrari 599XX casting finds itself in the mainline for the first time, after anchoring the now defunct Speed Machines range.  And what a debut it will have here in a couple of months.  Not only does it appear in classic red with a nice understated design, but it will also be the Batch M Super Treasure Hunt.  I already training to immerse myself with the night-time crazies to try and snag one.  We shall see.

In the meantime, enjoy these sneak peak photos of the basic version:

With some of its compatriots from the Speed Machines range:

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  1. Wow that looks smart. Trying to restrict my collecting to TH's & a few castings but this new blog is tempting me to go mad again :)