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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

HW variation alert: multipack Porsche Cayman S with MC5 wheels...

I am sure you have seen this Porsche all over the place.  It is exclusive to HW multipacks, mainly 3-packs and 9/10-packs.  I do like the Cayman casting, and have collected every version released so far.  Add this pictured below as well.  The MC5 version was found in a 10-pack in Australia by HWC member tranqv (Vinnie), who was nice enough to trade it to me.
I have heard of others, but Vinnie's is the only photographed that I know of.  Because the standard OH5 wheels are so similar to the MC5, I have to think there are a few out there that have been overlooked.  But so far I would classify it as rare...

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