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Friday, May 4, 2012

HW Walmart exclusive Gran Torino that can't be found at Walmart (and the rest of the Gran Torino Sport variations)

A very nice member over at HWC, otto (Bill), sent over the Walmart exclusive 72 Ford Gran Torino Sport.  I had one sent because this "Walmart exclusive" can't be found at Walmart.  There was some unknown glitch, and now finding this, along with two other Walmart models, requires a diligent search among random autopart, grocery, and drug stores, along with a little luck.  No luck here.  So thanks Bill!

I am not one to collect too many classic muscle car castings.  You might find an occasional 67 Mustang, 69 Camaro, and a Challenger or two in the collection, but they are few and far between.  But something about the Gran Torino Sport strikes my fancy.  So, as is the rule, if I collect the casting, I want all versions.  And for a model a little over a year old, there have been a lot of them...

Hot Wheels 72 Gran Torino Sport - Walmart exclusive

This is the 8th version to go into the collection:

Including two sets of wheel variations from 2012 alone:

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  1. That is a really cool colour combo! I'm liking this casting more and more every time I see one of your pictures, congrats on deciding to have them published at your own website!