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Sunday, June 24, 2012

As is the Custom: My faves from the week...

If you remember, a week ago I was in Denver attending the Yves Saint Laurent retrospective at the Denver Art Museum.  And yes, I spent my whole morning looking at women's clothes.  I am not a fashion designer, but I definitely appreciated the show and the immense talent of YSL.

The point is, when you look at the work of someone who is really good at what they do, it is inspiring.  That can easily be said about the amazing diecast customizers out there.  I have already featured the work of "Steady Hands" Franklin2700, who loves to take what HW and MB were doing and making them better by adding amazing detail.  And there is more of his stuff to come.  Whether it is detailing, wheel swaps, enhancements, or pure creations of scratch, I am always amazed at the work of many of the customizers I come across.

So starting now, every weekend I will try and highlight some of the best customs I saw in my perusal through diecast sites, forums and blogs.  And if you are customizer, send photos of your stuff, and maybe you will see it on the blog.

Some from this week:

Sleeper9086 - HWC

triple 6 - HWC

timsseado - HWC

popthings - HWC

Tom Z - MCCH

Franklin2700 - MCCH


mrbishi - MCCH


  1. I really enjoyed the blog! Really good!
    How do I send my photos?
    If you want to get my blog:
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks!
      Send photos to

  2. That Ferrari Berlinetta is awesome! I was going to do that to one, but gave up when I realized the roof was slightly smushed