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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gathering First Look: Matchbox 1971 Pontiac Firebird Formula Dinner Exclusive (and early bird variant)...

It could be said about the Gathering, "Come for the models, stay for the experience".  We have spent the week (and some previous posts) displaying past Gathering exclusives, just to show how cool these models are.  And here we go again.

So here is another Lamley exclusive.  You are seeing these just as attendees are picking theirs up at the dinner.

I don't need to say alot about these, as the pictures speak for themselves.  But some details:
  • There are two variants - one without the Firebird (1 of 125) for all dinner attendees, and one with the Firebird (1 of 75), given to the first 75 registrants.
  • The shows organizer, Jim Gallegos, owned a Firebird similar to this way back when, so this model has a bit of significance to him.
  • If anyone cares, in my opinion this Dinner model may be the best yet. 
Come back tomorrow morning to see the Dealer model.  You won't be disappointed.

Matchbox 1971 Pontiac Firebird Formula (2012 Gathering Dinner exclusive):

Regular Dinner Model (1 of 125):

Early Registrant Variant (1 of 75):


  1. Looks amazing! What about the 2013 New Models?

  2. Ok... I died now... You know that Firebirds are my favorites! I loved the one with the Firebird (or screaming chicken!)

    Have a nice gathering my friend!
    Doug (T-Hunted)

  3. too bad it has that crappy mcch logo on the side, otherwise its a nice looking model.

    1. Agree - this would be a great model to have bar the MCCH tampo -

      I don't they had time to change it with the Adminstor's mental breakdown in distancing the MCCH from the event.

      What a shame.

  4. QUI que isso minha gente!!!!!!!!!!!!! que lindura de Firebird.

  5. We missed being able to change it by days. The printing plates were already made. We did get to change the packaging though. The e-sheets Mattel provided at the Gathering reflected the new logo too.