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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot Wheels variation alert: 2011 Street Beasts Chevy Nova with comold front wheel...

This vari was reported by follower Ernesto Engel from Brazil.

He emailed me these pics and said quite a few have been found in Brazil.  Note the comold front wheel.

With wheels variations/errors, I go by these two rules:

1) If the car has different wheels than the normal issue all the way around, it is a variation.  Even if only one is found.

2) If the car has mismatched wheels, I will only consider it a variation if it is found in large numbers.  The red Chevelle SS with rear PR5s is a good example of this type of variation.  I know of a large number that have been found, and I myself have come across 11, all in different stores. 

It appears the front comold Nova is another one of these.  So if you are a Nova nut and have to have this, I would make friends with some Brazilian collectors...