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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just released: The list of auction items for the upcoming M.C. International Matchbox Gathering of Friends...

Jim Gallegos just sent out the list of auction items for the upcoming Gathering.  I will have a couple of photos of the Mattel items shortly, and then all the items later in the week.  This is quite the lot.

The instructions for bidding are included below:

Instructions for the online auction are as follows: Items are listed as GT and the number.
Bidding Instructions for the Route 66 Gathering of Friends Charity Auction.

  1. Go to If you are not a member already, you will need to sign up to bid (signing up is free and quick - just click the “Register Free Today” ribbon in the centre of the screen, pick a username and password and fill out the form and you’ll be ready to go).
  2. There will be a Route 66 Charity Auctions logo on the upper left side of the homepage - you can click on that to be taken straight to all the charity auction listings. 
  3. Make sure you’re logged into the site to bid. Then just enter your max bid, click the “Bid Now” button and confirm your bid in the popup. We encourage you to bid early because our system supports auto-extend, so if bids are placed in the last five minutes of an auction, a further five minutes are added to the running time to discourage sniping. 
Item NumberDescription
1BRRROOM Stick White Porsche on Card
2Regular Wheel Drawer Pulls Jeep and Ferrari
34-40th Anniversary Tomica models (lot #1) .  Bluebird SSS Coupe, Crown Super Deluxe, Fairlady Z 432 and Toyota 2000 GT all mint and boxed
448 Car Carry Case complete with Minty models and 1982/1983 Catalog
5MB33-A Ford Zodiac MK II Sedan  (Stannard Code 3) 
M-1Ford F550 Super Duty E/P, unspun non production VUM chassis and interior/pearl white body/frosted window/no hot stamp on wheels.
M-2 71 Olds Vista Cruiser E/P, non production Black body & Interior/ no graphics/ VUM chassis. 
M-368 Mustang GT/CS E/P non production candy blue body/ VUM non engraved chassis / no graphics/ no hot stamp on wheels.
M-4Porsche Panamera E/P unspun / frosted glass / black interior / non production VUM chassis/ Silver Hot stamped performance wheels.
M-571 Pontiac Firebird Formula E/P unspun non production candy red body/ black interior/ black base non engraved front grill.
M-6Road Tripper E/P assembled/ non production VUM body no graphics/ painted black die-cast chassis without engraving
M-7GMC School Bus E/P unspun/ non painted die/cast cab/ non production black rear body/ non plated die-cast chassis.
M-8 VW Saviero E/P yellow body no graphics/ orange frosted window/ non production VUM base. 
M-92011 Cadillac CTS Coupe E/P assembled not graphics/ gray blue body/ frosted blue window/ black interior.
M-10 Lesney Edition BMW X5  E/P double die-cast (body chassis)  assembled/plated chassis with no engraving/ non tint interior.
M-112010 BMW Mini Cooper Cabrio/ E/P assembled/ Non production metallic red body/ no graphics/ flesh interior/frosted window.
M-12O5 Dodge Magnum wagon E/P assembled/ non production triple black (body , interior, surf boards)no graphics/ gray base no engraving.
M-13Ford Panel Van assembled F/S non painted body, green chassis no engraving/ Tan ladders
M-1456 Ford Panel Van E/P Non production copper metallic body/non engraved VUM base/tan interior.
M-15Coyote 500 E/P unspun/ Red body/non production VUM chassis/ non tinted frosted window.
M-16Ridge Raider E/P assembled/non painted body/non production VUM chassis/black interior.
M-1709’ Ford E-350 Ambulance E/P unspun/Red cab no graphics/Black rear body/ non plated die-cast chassis.
M-18Yamaha Rhino E/P  unspun missing hood/ non engraved VUM Chassis/ black interior.
M-19Dinky XK 150 Blue body/gray interior non production black hubs design never used.
M-20Model of Yesteryear Stutz Bearcat pre production model has incorrect 2 two tone body color and incorrect interior detal.
M-21Real Working Rigs New Holland Bi-Directional Tractor. E/P assembled non production light blue metallic chassis/Dark gray engine color/black roof/  no graphics/ black wheels.
M-22Super Convoys International LoneStar cab and Dry Bulk Trailer EP /cab has non production silver painted Pipes and lower body/ in engraving on chassis.  Trailer has non production colors and no hot stamp on wheels.
M-23Matchbox collectibles: Out of production 1932 Ford Model AA truck/Hersey’s  Chocolate in production package.
M-24Matchbox collectibles : Out of production Elvis Drive in collection diorama with Dodge Dart Phoenix / In production package.
M-25Matchbox Premium 1/64 Ford panel van Limited edition “72ndShenandoah Apple blossom Festival  production sample in package
M-26Matchbox Convoys Collectibles FEP (out of production) Peterbilt Cab Silver with VUM tanker trailer.
M-27Matchbox Convoys Collectibles FEP ( out of production) Red Kenworth Cab and white box trailer Burger King deco.
M-28Matchbox Convoys Collectibles FEP ( out of production) Green Kenworth cab and moving box trailer / Mayflower decoration.
M-29Matchbox Convoys Collectibles FEP (out of production) Red/White Ford Aeromax cab & box trailer /”Mad Dog” decoration. 
M-301993 Formula 1 E/P assembled with deco
M-311962 Corvette E/P Purple with flame deco and rubber tires.
M-32Corvette grand sport E/P full graphics / Rubber tires.
7SF-20 Police Patrol with incorrect spelling on the label 'Rally' (instead of Rallye) Lesney base
9Jeep Hurricane signed by Mattel Graphics Designer Michael Heralda
1167B Chevrolet Impala; green windows, black wheels, black base, Stannard #12, VERY near mint aside from a paint chip on the tow hook.
12MB20-A Maroon with Gray Plasitc wheels.  Rear Tail gate painted black
13Lesney Walt Disney series Donald Ice Cream Truck, unpainted castings with smooth base
15Rare Envelope from Bonner Corp, with letter and 1963 Pocket Catalog.
16MB38 B Vauxhall Victor Estate Car rusty rear axle otherwise minty (Stannard Code 5)
17MB39 B Pontiac Convertible missing tow hook tip. (Stannard Code 1)
184-40th Anniversary Tomica models (lot #2) .  Bluebird SSS Coupe, Crown Super Deluxe, Fairlady Z 432 and Toyota 2000 GT all mint and boxed
192 First Shots 1997 Mazda RX-7 & Ford Prob GT both unassembled
20Corvette Grand Sport, unpainted castings, Macau base
212 First Shots Ford Mach III Concept & Ford Probe GT both unassembled
2211B ERF Esso Tanker- Black Plastic Wheels!! Stannard code 16, Painfully near mint with a little axle head rust.
23#23 Budgie #5 Mobile Police Car
24MB5-D London Bus (Stannard code 12) 1 tiny chip otherwise mint/boxed.
25Camaro IROC Z, black body with pink tampo printed stripes, pre-pro, Thailand base
262 First Shots A pair of BMW Roadsters unassembled
27MB7 A Milk Float. Gray Plastic Wheels (Stannard Code 2)
28First Shot London Bus Missing Plastic Base
29YET05 AEC Bus “50 Years” Code 2 Promotional Leipzig Toy Show 2002
29ANissan 300ZX, silver painted body original resin prototype with T roof, made in UK R&D department
30Boat And Trailer
311987 Corvette, lemon yellow body, Days of thunder pre-pro
32Pontiac Grand Prix Minty
33G2 Car Transporter Gift Set. None of the models are mint. Most are about C-8. The models ARE the correct models for the set. Some damage to the front of the box. Set has had a new coating of shrink wrap placed.
34Ford LTD Taxi, resin model, yellow body, made in the UK R&D department
35Plymouth Prowler, resin model, grey painted
36NAMC Catalog 2nd Edition
37Sunburner (Dodge Viper) resin body with Sunburner base, red body with prototype decor on the hood 
38MB37 Cattle Truck, Mint in difficult “Brown Cow” box
394-40th Anniversary Tomica models (lot #3) .  Bluebird SSS Coupe, Crown Super Deluxe, Fairlady Z 432 and Toyota 2000 GT all mint and boxed
4057B Chevy Impala(roof edge chip above Driver)  great condition otherwise minty
41Pontiac Firebird, unpainted model, odd colour base and interior
42Street Sweeper Resin with letter of authenticity 
43Flareside Pick-up, black body, red interior, Lesney England base, pre-production
44Husky Citroen Military ambulance mint on a card. Model is noted as #22 with an original price of 39 cents!
45Mitsubishi? Cabriolet, resin model, grey painted
462nd Edition of the NAMC Comprehensive Matchbox Catalog.
47 Corgi #1142 Holmes Wreck Truck
48Matchbox G-2 Transporter Set Mint Boxed
49Drawer Pulls Matchbox Fire Engine.
50Matchbox (1953-1969) Regular Wheels Catalog AIM.
51#51) Pills, Potions and Powders Set
52Canadian Tire 75th Anniversary Set
53TP-22 Leyland Tanker with Matchbox labels, trial model
54TP-24 Long Haul Truck with Interstate labels, trial model
55Racing Mini, red body with number 6 labels, Lesney base, trial model
56MB-73 Ford Model A Saloon, black and yellow body, pre-production, Macau base
57GMC Wreck Truck, original resin model, made in the UK R&D department
58Mustang Cobra cabriolet, silver body pre-production, no lettering on the base
594x4 Open Back Truck yellow body, 'Rambler' livery, pre-production model with decals and hand painted decoration, made in the UK R&D department
60Mercedes Container truck, pre-production colour trial with Lufthansa livery, England base
61Abrahams Battle Tank, resin model, sand colour, made in the UK R&D department
621999 Mustang Cabriolet, black body, pink base, pre-production
63Chevy van, black body pre-production, Lesney England base
64Sunburner (Dodge Viper) resin body with Sunburner base, yellow body with prototype décor on hood
652 First Shots Mitsubishi Spider & Corvette Sringray III Concept & Ford Probe GT both unassembled
663 First Shots Tailgator, Rhino Rod & Stinger unassembled
67Ponitac Pirahna Concept Resin
68Two Vehicles, Mercedes C-Class Racer 1st shot & Resin Snowmobile (body only)
69Resin Mercedes A Class
70Ferrari in Pre-Production size Package Box
71Mercedes Taxi in Pre-Production Package Box
72Land Rover in Pre-Production Package Box
73Ford Panel Van. Design Pre Pro. Hand Paint and Decal. Glued Base
74Mack Aux. Power Truck, Hand Paint and Decal, Glued base
75Chevy Tahoe, Hand Paint and Decals, screw base
76Foam Fire Truck, First Shot unassembled and unfinished
77Land Rover 90, First Shot unassembled and unfinished.
78Abrams Tank. First Shot unassembled and unfinished.
79Tailgator, First Shot unassembled and unfinished.
8057 Chevy Hardtop, Gold Chrome Design Test model
8157 Chevy Convertible, Gold Chrome Design Test model
82Jaguar, Silver Chrome Test model
83Ford LTD Police Car, Silver Chrome Test model
84Police Car, Resin. Plain base Unpainted
85Mercedes Benz, Painted Resin, tow broken
86Robot Truck, Hand painted and decals, Glued base.
87Mack CH600, color trial, hand painted and decal, matt finish, no clear coat.
88Trash Truck, First shot, unassembled and unfinished
89Rescue Crane, First shot, unassembled and unfinished
90Water Pumper Color Trial, unassembled, hand painted and decorated
91  Ambulance Color Trial, unassembled, hand painted and decorated
92Ford Transit German Fire Truck, Color Trial, unassembled, hand painted and decorated
93 Airport Fire Truck, Color Trial, unassembled, hand painted and decorated
94Canadian Bear NO Queens Diamond Jubilee Button  
95Canadian Bear with Queens Diamond Jubilee Button  
96Canadian Bear with Queens Diamond Jubilee Button  
97Canadian Bear with Queens Diamond Jubilee Button  
982011 Hot Wheels SEMA Exclusive Camaro
992011 Matchbox Hi-Lift SEMA Exclusive 
100M2 SEMA Car Carrier Exclusive set. Just over 400 made
1012 FAO Schwartz Exclusive 10 Packs  
1021996 Toy Fair Prowler and 2 Color Comp Prowlers  
1032 Color Comp VW’s and 1 German Club VW 
1043 Color Comp Models, 2 Van Convention models 11th and 13th and a Hershey Crane.
105Assortment of 5 Pomotional models and a Mayflower Convoy. 
GT items are to be auctioned on The Toy Collector Website
GT-1Resin VW (By Model Maker George Turner)
GT-2Resin Corvette (By Model Maker George Turner)
GT-3Resin Camaro (By Model Maker George Turner)
GT-4Resin Corvette (By Model Maker George Turner)
GT-5Resin El Camino (By Model Maker George Turner)
GT-6Resin Firebird (By Model Maker George Turner)
GT-7Resin GTO (By Model Maker George Turner)
GT-8Resin Jeep (By Model Maker George Turner)
GT-9Resin Ferrari (By Model Maker George Turner)
GT-10Resin Mustang (By Model Maker George Turner)

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