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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just revealed: Kroger's exclusive "Super Speeders" Mystery models, including this gorgeous RX-7...

Just revealed by our friends over at Japanese Nostalgic Car, a Kroger exclusive set of Mystery cars, this time called Super Speeders.

And if the others look anything like this 2012 pearl white recolor Mazda RX-7 with the JNC and JDM Legends logos, we are in for a treat:

photo by JNC


  1. Some Mystery Cars have showed up here in Brasil, even though they're not sold separatedly here.

    I've already spotted the blue Ford Ranchero and the light "baby" blue '69 Mustang.

    Who knows this one appears around here too...

    1. Forgot to mention that they are coming in 10 and 20 packs...

  2. Kroger has other names around the country. In California, it's Ralph's. Around here, in Phoenix, it's Fry's. I'll be checking mine at lunchtime today.

  3. I was just checking JNC, and was about to post about this on HWC! We actually have Kroger around here do I am looking forward to them!

  4. I like that. I will be needing to get a few of them given who I work for now.

  5. This Mazda is sooo sweet. I wish there were no exclusives, and all cars were available around the world. Or even better, there be exclusives but they mysteriously end up in Chile! :)

  6. great looking model HW has done a great job with new models!

  7. This explains the chrome MC5 variation shown on July 11th. It's obviously a transition to this one.