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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Lamley Group Model of the Day: Hot Wheels LA Auto Show 2010 Ford Mustang GT...

There is one great thing about the models that come in plexiglass cases.  You can DLM the model, then put it right back in the package.  Well, unless you are David Tilley.  If you are, you remove the model from the case the second you get it, discard of the case (literally), then race the model down the track.  Even if the model is super limited.  That is why it is great to be David Tilley.

This model?  I took it out of the case, photographed it, then screwed it back in.  I still may remove it completely to add it to my Jammer case Mustang collection, but for now it stays trapped in plastic.

But it sure did look good during its time in the sun.  This is not a model I am collecting, but I wanted this beauty.  Plus, collecting the 2010 Mustang is very difficult, as it has been mixed up with the Laguna Seca quite a bit in later versions.

Plus, is there ever going to be a version that looks better than this one?  I doubt it.

Hot Wheels 2010 Ford Mustang (LA Auto Show/HWC exclusive):


  1. Que bela obra de arte!!! Parabéns!!!

  2. A few days ago i received one of of these beauties and i totally agree about the impossibility of being released a better version of this mdel.

    This is simply fantastic.

    Mine is already on the "wall garage". I didn't bought the case, anyway...