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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Lamley Group Model of the Day: Hot Wheels 2006 FE AMG-Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM...

Why not one of my favorites?

It is models like this that make me wonder why some collectors dislike the 10sp wheels. They look so good here. And this is also a case of the FE looking so good, that I quit collecting it after the grey recolor because subsequent versions haven't looked nearly as sharp. But how could they? This one is near-perfect.

And there may be no opportunity to see future versions because Mattel hasn't been able to come up with a licensing agreement with Merceded poit I sure hope they will at some point.

Hot Wheels AMG-Mercedes CLK DTM (2006 New Models):


  1. The 10-spoke does look better on European and Japanese cars.

  2. Mais uma bela míni e a fotografia como sempre linda!!! Parabéns!!! Sou seu fã!!!

  3. Just bought the red and black with OH5SP, my favorite variation.

  4. Since HW has a racing series now this would be a prime opportunity to put this casting in a real race livery ... hoping beyond hope I know.