Hello All,

Mattel has provided me with a number of pictures from the future 2012 models. This includes Miniature Line, Real Working Rigs, & Skybusters.

As usual, feel free to distribute this to your friends, club members, post this information to any website, more the better. Please do give full credit to Mattel for providing these pictures.

There is a lat of information here so sit tight and enjoy the pictures. I see a lot of good graphics, good color choices, and the idea of theme models. Hope to see a number of you at the Gathering in ABQ in a couple of weeks.

Models from the 2012 Miniature Re-Colors:
London Taxi FX ....

Pontiac Firebird.... Looks good with greenish gold.

Models from the 2012 Miniature Line (New Decos):

The Express Delivery Truck will have different deco on each side.

The Chevy Suburban deco matches the deco used on the Real Working Rigs Satellite Communication Truck Potential for your own set.

Models from the 2012 Miniature Line (Emergency):
1957 Buick Century Police Care: A model that has been much anticipated by the Matchbox collectors and I am sure the emergency vehicle collectors would love it. An excellent choice of colors and very real looking.

New Military addition is the Oshkosh M-ATV. The picture shown here is of a pre-production model. Color of the windows and rear fenders areas will be changing to gray in the production version.

Police Interceptor.... An excellent choice of colors

Create your own set:
Here is something that is not released as a set but you can create your own set by buying them individually. Three of the four models shown in this picture are already released.

Models of the 2012 Miniature Line (Generic):
A Trail Tipper (MB852). The Truck bed tilts and is treaded. From the picture it does not look like it has wheels

We have another Snow Vehicle. It is the Frost Fighter (aka 4-Tread Snow Vehicle).

Next We have a Water Tank. This was shown at the Gathering last year. It is the refurbishment of the Dirt Hauler/dump truck. The Dump bed has now been changed to a water tank. This design represents the kinds of Heavy duty water tankers that are used in Quarry’s and Mining operations. The MB number will be changing to reflect this revision.

Model from the 2012 Real Working Rigs Line:
All-Terrain Tractor. The model features 4 working treads, rear Ripper claw raises and lowers, It articulates in the center.

Model from the 2012 Skybuster Line:
Turbo Tornado. It is a S.T.O.V.L. type aircraft. It has a big fan style propeller blade that rotates when you blow on it. It look wild but has great fun for the kids.

Sky Crane. It is a generic Matchbox design. It has a fold-down hook to pick up stuff.

Gunship Helicopter. This is a new tool. It has twin rotor blades. It’s ready for battle

Happy Hunting.