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Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Tale of Two: Hot Wheels Custom Ford Bronco & '67 Ford Bronco...

Two Broncos.  Both Hot Wheels.  Both based on classic versions.  Both lifted.  Both out of premium HW lines.  Both very different.

I know which one I prefer.  You?

Hot Wheels Custom Ford Bronco (2012 Off-Road Racing)

Hot Wheels '67 Ford Bronco (2011 Hot Wheels Garage):

Give me a roof and a great classic design, and you have my winner.


  1. When HW paints one up like Big Oly, I'm in.

  2. I prefer the normal-ish one (the teal one). Now if the front fender and wheel wells were a lil more modest (i.e., same size as the rear ones) on the racing one, I'd like that one more.

    And I'm still surprised I found the teal garage series Bronco in the wild, haha


  3. First time here...u have nice space and really inspirational stuff... I'll be back soon.

    ford bronco