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Saturday, August 4, 2012

As is the Custom: My faves for the week - August 4, 2012...

As we do every Saturday, the customs that struck my fancy this week:

(Remember, if you have a custom you would like to submit, send it to, or send it to me on the Facebook page.)

Mohd Afiq - HWC Malaysia:

Shacz Tharan - HWC Malaysia:

Nicholas Cheong - HWC Malaysia:

Wandi Hussain - HWC Malaysia (also featured on T-Hunted):

mason807 - HWC:

Hondasux09 - HWC (can't condone the screen-name, love the custom!):

And I have a tie for my custom of the week.

HW Chevy Opala SS (dear to my adopted Brazilian heart) by 94SS - MCCH:

"Ken & Mary Mad Manga" by Hideyuki (DAD'zCUSTOM) - HWC:


  1. Holy crap that Dad'z Mad Manga Skyline is great work!


  2. The Mad(ken)MeriManga is art, even (especially?) in primer.