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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hot Wheels Q case & Boulevard models now available at Wheel Collectors, including the new Mars Rover, El Camino, Mercury Cyclone, and Vector...

There are lots of First Looks to come here at Lamley in just a few days, but here is a preview of some of the models just out from Hot Wheels, and all of them are available at our favorite Hot Wheels partner, Wheel Collectors...

Click on the links to see more photos, and to pick one up.  And remember, if you mention the Lamley Group at the time of purchase you will get 10% off your entire order...

Mars Rover Curiosity

Custom 71 El Camino

Mercury Cyclone

Angry Birds Minion

Boulevard AMC Rebel Machine

Boulevard 55 Corvette

Boulevard Honda Civic

Boulevard Vector W8

To see the others head over to Wheel Collectors


  1. OMG i loved that custom el camino <3

  2. Would like the NASA/JPL Mars Curiosity Rover, but at current prices way off in the future at this point. Still, nice assortment and looking forward to getting that Merc Cyclone!

  3. LOVING the El Camino, Merc Cyclone, Vector, Rebel Machine and GTO!

    That new Vector W8 makes me with the old Avtech one would come back :(


  4. The Vector is awesome! And I can't wait for finding the Mars Rover or the Mercury Cyclone. The '53 Corvette and AMC Rebel are really sweet, too.

  5. I hope someone likes that Civic and the purple Race Teams, I have a strong disliking of those. It's a shame that another one of those Tooned Beetles are popping up. That looks like a nightmare from a designers dream.

  6. Other site are showing the J mix Boulevard case containing the Hot Tub and Whatta Drag. Are there different J mixes? This Series is looking like it will end messed up like the Garage. Liking the Vette, Healy, and Vector.

  7. Those were in the batch as well. Follow the link to the Wheel Collectors store and you will see them. For fear that the post was getting too long I left some out.

  8. Cyclone looks great. Kinda wish they had done the Cale Yarborough or Dan Gurney Spl. paint, but oh well.

  9. is it me or does the boulevard GTO looks like its got negative camber?