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Sunday, September 30, 2012

As is the Custom: My faves for the week ending September 12, 2012...

And yet another great week of custom discoveries.  I cannot believe all the talent and creativity that is out there.

As always, if you want to be a part of this popular post, shoot me some pics at

On with it:

Because the first photo in the post is the one shown on Facebook, I will now show my "Best of the Week" first.
This week, without a doubt it goes to Rikmun Lim over at HWC Malaysia, who unveiled both this amazing Aventador and a jaw-dropping set of R34 (and one R35) Skylines:

In case you were wondering, I have already contacted Rikmun, and he is planning on photographing the Skylines separately for a future feature on Lamley.  I cannot wait...

My other faves:

opie_7afe - Hobbytalk

dlbdev - Hobbytalk

geto - Hobbytalk

Mass Putra - HWC Malaysia

Nafez Radwan - HWC Malaysia

chojiro - HWC

-tailz-  HWC

rhyan1 - HWC

Toth Andras - Hungary

Eduardo Guanaes

Rais Isa