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Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Look: Hot Wheels Angry Birds Minion Pig & Altered Ego...

Alright, I will admit to this being a "get it out of the way" post.  Both of these models are far from my cup of tea to say the least, but I know they are popular with a lot of collectors.  Starting with an ode to an iphone time-waster, and followed by the active retiree Larry Wood doing a little something to keep himself busy.


Consider your boat floated if you you are in to models like this.  Sorry I can't get as excited.  The next First Look will be the green Camaro ZL1.  I will get excited about that one...

Hot Wheels Angry Birds Minion Pig (2012 New Models):

Hot Wheels Altered Ego (2012 New Models):


  1. I like the Altered Ego and i hope it comes out in a black with flames variation, to punt into my collection of black cars with yellow/orange/red flames.

  2. Where can we get the minion pig?? Is it available yet??

  3. @Zindra: Yes, The Minion Pig Is Available, And You Can Get It At Wal-Mart.