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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Look: Hot Wheels Hot Ones Blazer 4x4...

Another new model from the Hot Ones series, this time a re-tooled older casting.  I know nothing about this casting, as older Hot Wheels are not my specialty, but here are pics of the new model.

I seem to remember these colors being used on the old early-80's Blazers.  That is all I can offer. 

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Hot Wheels Blazer 4x4 (2012 Hot Ones):


  1. I love the huge wheels. Another must have!

  2. jtl,

    i have the original casting of this blazer in similar colors(and another blue issue). as far as i can tell from your pictures and my model, it seems the are using a new or tweaked metal base. the front fascia/bumper is more defined(better bumper lights and the headlights lost the funny looking grid in them).


  3. I definitely must have one of this.

  4. One of my favorites as a kid. Only had the blue one from blue card #6, but I loved the thing.