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Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Look: Hot Wheels Super Speeders '64 Lincoln Continental...

Another Super Speeders model to show off.  I don't know if I would call a boat a Super Speeder, but at least it has flames.  That makes it fast, right?

Interesting thing about this model.  Outside of the police version released earlier this year, this is the only black version of the Continental.  I will say it looks great, and the flames really pop.  But more than anything it makes me want to see Mattel release this model in a pure stock black version (as stock as a super slammed Continental can be).  Boulevard maybe?  There are some great versions of this casting (including the just released 2013 green version), but that black Lincoln is missed.

But all that aside, I am a fan of this one.  Now let's take it drifting...

Hot Wheels '64 Lincoln Continental (2012 Super Speeders Kroger exclusive):


  1. Another 'old' recolor, this one a recolor of the Race World Volcano one from 2010. I like this one more :D


  2. Do you know if the Super Speeders thing is coming to Brasil as well?

    I'm starting a "black with flames" themed collection and i gotta have this one.