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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Matchbox Monday First Look: Honda Civic Type R...

As I start this post, it is 11:49 PM Mountain Standard Time, so it is technically still Matchbox Monday (sponsored by MVE Collectibles). I might have gotten caught up in a certain Monday Night football game with a certain questionable call that no one will talk about tomorrow.  Having married into a cheesehead family, you can imagine what the feeling is here.  My 11-year-old daughter can't sleep.  Why does football do this to us?  At least after 24 years of calling the Arizona Cardinals my team, for the first time I can call them "undefeated" three games into the season.  It may not last, but I am enjoying the season so far, egregious replacement errors aside.

Moving on...

I promised pics of the Honda Civic Type R in green, and here they are.  This is not a model I expected to like so much.  I have always liked the casting, but it got a bit bland after the last few versions.  This model actually took me by surprise.  The green shoots off the pegs, and this model is evidence of how important wheels are.  In the case of the Civic, the 5sp wheels look far better than the 10sp, and the model looks as sporty as ever.  And I always will appreciate the front and rear tampo treatment.  Without those details, this model would look a little too similar to an Easter Egg.  I am glad it doesn't.

For me, one of the best Matchbox cars of the year, and maybe one of the best Honda models Mattel has ever done (although #1 goes to the HW S2000 Super...).

Matchbox Honda Civic Type R (2012 basic range):


  1. just saw this at Target on Saturday. Looks very nice!

  2. I saw this at Target, too, and didn't buy it. But thanks to these (as expected) great photos, I'm going to have to BOL to pick one up. I used to own a Honda, as did my mother and several friends. So, not having one in my collection seems an odd exclusion now. Not to mention simply having "Yosemite" on the back makes me want this...