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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Customs of Scale-Master, Part 4: Hot Wheels Flying Colors...

Our continuing series highlighting the amazing custom work of Mark Jones.  If you haven't seen previous articles, check them out here.

On with the show:

Flying Colors Trucks

A few years back a friend asked me to adapt the Hot Wheels Flying Colors scheme to a Dairy Delivery.  Seemed like fun little project… relatively simple. I decided to go with pearl white as the base color to give it a little more life. He had provided a Dairy with nice wheels which further enhanced the look.

Then I thought, “What would a Cabin Fever look like in a Flying Colors scheme?” Again I used pearl white as the base and drafted another set of graphics to fit this casting.

About that time the Cool One came out. I guess I was on a roll… It didn’t hurt that the Cool One fit on the Cabin Fever too.