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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Lamley Awards: What are your Top 3 Hot Wheels Premium Models?

The vote continues...

We have closed the voting for the Best/Worst New Models and Treasure Hunts for 2012.  We are tallying the votes now and will announce the winners along with all the other Lamleys when all voting is done.  Many thanks to the many that participated.

So now on the next group of selections.

What are your Top 3 Hot Wheels Premium Models of 2012?

Now what do we mean by Premium?  We decided to define Premium as those models with metal bases and real riders.  Other lines like the Hot Ones will be in another vote.

So in 2012, there were three lines:

  • Nostalgia
  • Hot Wheels Racing
  • Boulevard
We realize that there are several new tools in these lines, but we are not going to differentiate.  Just look at the list of all the models, and select your Top 3, new tools or not.

(We also realize that convention and RLC models are premium as well, but because they were not available in stores, we decided to omit them.)

Need a reminder?  Here are links to all the lists from our friends at South Texas:

2012 Boulevard:

2012 Racing:

Note: There are two final batches that have yet to be listed on South Texas:

Final Boulevard Batch:

Final Nostalgia Batch (Atari):

As always, there are three ways to leave your Top 3:
And don't worry, no matter where you leave your Top 3, it will get counted.

Thanks everyone...


  1. 2012 Boulevard: '63 Chrysler Turbine

    2012 Racing: '71 AMC Javelin

    2012 Nostalgia: '67 Austin Mini Van

  2. Boulevard: 77 Pontiac Firebird. Oh God, how I wish I had it...

  3. Nostalgia: Rock Ozzie Dodge A100

    Racing: Pikes Peak Celica

    Boulevard: Porsche 914-6

  4. Boulevard: '63 Chrysler Turbine
    Racing: '92 BMW M3
    Nostalgia: Carvel - Custom `52 Chevy

  5. Boulevard: 52 Hudson Hornet
    Racing: 40 Ford Coupe
    Norstalgia: VW Deluxe Station Wagon (Brazilian "Kombi")The Saturday Evening Post

  6. Boulevard: Chrysler Pronto
    Racing: ´92 BMW M3
    Nostalgia: Dodge A100 Ozzie

  7. Boulevard: Porsche 914
    Racing: Porsche 935/78
    Nostalgia: Nose Art Austin Mini Van

  8. Boulevard: Chrysler Turbine
    Nostalgia: Atari GMC motorhome
    Racing: Greenwood Corvette

  9. 1 - Vector W8 Twin Turbo
    2 - Amphicar
    3 - '63 Studebaker Truck

  10. Boulevard: 1952 Hudson Hornet
    Nostagia: Volkswagen Micro Bus (Hershey's)
    Racing: Greenwood Corvette

  11. Boulevard: '69 Chevy Camaro
    Racing: '83 Silverado
    Nostalgia: '34 Dodge Delivery

  12. 1 - Boulevard 55 Lincoln Futura
    2 - Boulevard Chrysler Turbine
    3 - Racing '78 Porsche 935

  13. How freakin' tough is this!...

    1 - '55 Lincoln Futura -Boulevard
    2 - '49 Drag Merc -Boulevard
    3 - '56 Merc- Racing Stockcar
    Honarable mentions...Reeses VW Micro - Nostalgia, Custom Ford Bronco - Racing Offroad...wheeew!

  14. Nostalgia:'51 GMC C.O.E.
    Racing: Olds Aurora GTS-1
    Boulevard:'52 Hudson Hornet

  15. Boulevard: AMC Rebel Machine
    Racing: '83 Chevy Silverado 4x4
    Nostalgia: '34 Dodge Delivery

  16. Boulevards Futura, Hornet, and The Torpedo.

  17. Tough one!

    Nostalgia - Nose Art Baja Breaker
    Hot Wheels Racing - ´92 BMW M3
    Boulevard - Tucker Torpedo

  18. Let's see.
    Boulevard- AMC Rebel Machine
    Boulevard- 1952 Hudson Hornet
    Boulevard- Vector W8 Twinturbo
    These are the winners, IMO.