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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

They are finally here: Hot Wheels Subaru Brat, Toyota Supra, and crazy-cool Yamaha VMAX hit Wheel Collectors...

Clearly Hot Wheels is getting their premium lines ready for 2013, because they have sent out a slew of Hot Ones.  I don't know when these will be in stores, if ever (that is what happens at the end of the year with premium lines), but our friends at Wheel Collectors have them.

And what a batch it is!  Outside of the Honda CR-X, the Subaru Brat and Toyota Supra have been the models I have most been looking forward to in the Hot Ones line.  So not only do they arrive together, but Hot Wheels shocks us even more with the Yamaha VMAX.  I still need to see this in hand, but this may be the best bike Hot Wheels has ever done...

They are all available at Wheel Collectors, so head over there and pick them up!

Follow the links above the photo to get to the listings.

Yamaha VMAX

Subaru BRAT

'82 Toyota Supra

Morris Wagon

Dodge Rampage

Spoiler Sport

'63 Corvette

'80s El Camino

Ferrari GTO


  1. Is it me or is the rear wheel on the '63 Corvette bigger than the front? If so, that's a first for the casting


  2. I've been looking forward to the BRAT all year. One of the coolest pickups ever. I just hope I can find one!

    I don't understand the fuss about the V-MAX. I like motorcycles, but this one just seems...lame. Looks a like a slightly reworked Fatboy. I understand the significance of the real one, but still...Maybe it has something to do with those huge brakes on the front forks. I hate how those look on HW motorcycles.