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Saturday, November 24, 2012

As is the Custom: My Faves for the Week Ending November 24, 1012...

Many thanks to all that continue to submit their work.  We are getting multiple entries each week, so if your submission does not get posted this week, don't fret.  We are collecting all the customs, and will post as there is room.

Keep sending them to or submit them to us on our Facebook Page.

This week's Custom of the Week goes to Aaron Kwong of AKmodeling, who submitted these two beautiful Kyosho Ferrari 458 Italias.  No, I would probably not buy a hot pink 458 if I were in the market for a Ferrari, but I LOVE the idea and execution.  I would love a hot pink Ferrari in the collection.  And add to that the 458 and counterparts in Italy's colors.  Beautifully done, Aaron, and congrats.

And the other fantastic customs:

Fernando Araujo

Hanzel Conchas

Mass Putra - HWC Malaysia

Amm Minimonster - HWC Malaysia

Muhammad Raimiey

McZachenF1138 - gtplanet

-tailz- - HWC

big shot - HWC

sketch1982 - HWC

Ernie-W - HWC

Smallsnipe Productions




  1. That Falcon with the Camino rocket thrusters is sick.

  2. 240Z funny car and the drag racer Maverick are awesome. Cool Stutz, too.

  3. Other picture in