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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Lamley Awards: What are your Top 3 Hot Wheels Collectible Models in 2013? (Hot Ones, Cars of the Decades, Foil Packs)

Time for yet another vote.  After this one there is one more - Hot Wheels Model of the Year.

Today's category has to do with the collectible models.  We decided to differentiate the "collectible" models from the "premium" models.  While premium models had real riders and other features, the collectible models were sometimes closer to basic models than premium.

That includes the Hot Ones, Cars of the Decades, and the Foil Pack cars, found at either Walmart or Kroger.  So once again, have a look at the list of models by way of South Texas, and give us your Top 3:

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We are tallying all the votes, and will announce all the winners shortly.  And remember to get your votes in to be eligible for our drawing at the end of the Lamley Awards.

Have at it, and many thanks for you participation!

Collectible Lines:

Hot Ones (look at 2012 only):

Cars of the Decades (look at 2012 only):

Retail Exclusives:

Kroger Super Speeders:

Walmart Mystery Foil Packs (2012):


  1. 1. Subaru BRAT
    2. Toyota Truck
    3. Honda CRX
    Honorable mention: Kroger RX7

    Wow, lots of great JDM castings, I guess.

  2. 1 10 Camaro SS
    2 Hot Bird
    3 69 Pontiac Firebird

    These are mine, paintwork and tampos are great.


  3. hot ones toyota hi lux
    hot ones honda crx
    kroger's white mazda rx7

  4. 56 Ford F100 Panel - Cars of the Decades
    72 Gran Torino Sport - Kroger's Super Speeders
    73 Ford Gran Torino - Hot Ones

  5. BMW M1 - Hot Ones
    `84 Hurst Olds - Hot Ones
    Subaru B.R.A.T. - Hot Ones

  6. 1 - Hot Ones - '87 Toyota Hilux
    2 - Hot Ones - Long Gone
    3 - Hot Ones - BMW M1

  7. 1) '78 Subaru B.R.A.T.
    2) '87 Toyota Hilux
    3) '82 Toyota Supra

  8. 1) Kroger RX7
    2) Toyota Hilux (have yet to find it)
    3) Honda CR-X

  9. 1) Hot Ones BMW M1 - Love at first sight!
    2) Hot Ones '87 Toyota Hilux - Awesome model. I'm yet to find one for me...
    3) Hot Ones '84 Hurst Olds - Looks simply right. Lovely.

  10. 1. Hot Ones - '82 Toyota Supra
    2. Cars of the Decades - '75 Corvette Stingray
    3. Walmart Mystery Foil Packs - '73 Ford Falcon