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Sunday, December 30, 2012

As is the Custom: My Faves for the week ending December 30, 2012...

Our last "As is the Custom" for 2012.  We continue to see great work each week, and I am sure that will continue into 2013.  Remember to submit photos of your work to or via our Facebook page...

Our Custom of the Week comes from Brazil's own Ernesto Engel, who produced this gorgeous Z-Tuned R34 Skyline using the near perfect Matchbox 5sp wheels.

And how funny is it that collectors think alike.  Two days later I received photos of this similar Z-Tuned R34 in red from Lamley reader Gaz, also with Matchbox 5sp:

Excellent work.

And the others...

The latest stunners from our good friend idi265

minimonster kustomz

More from Ernesto Engel

dragstueck - HWC (Germany)

Dr Diecast - HWC


dlbdev - HWC

Chevyfan8711 - HWC

Mass Putra - HWC Malaysia (work in progress)

Alfred Lam Hc

McZachenF1138 - gtplanet