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Sunday, December 9, 2012

As is the Custom: My faves for the week ending Dec 8, 2012...

Another week of amazing customs.  Once again, thanks to everyone who has submitted their work.  Keep them coming, just email your photos to or post them on our Facebook Page...

On with it...

The Custom of the Week is a no brainer.  It makes it very easy when something like this emerges, from Double Loser out of Japan:

Right behind him is Ernie-W with these less-is-more stunners:

And we are really looking forward to watching this surefire future Custom of the Week progress, from Darren Gould (At 1ness on GTPlanet):

Dominik Weirski

Anhminh To

smilinbob3 - HWC

larrynyc64 - HWC

4 doors only - MCCH

Deckard - MCCH

Dr Diecast - Biante Australia

Efi Fathy workin the hellaflush

Kw Weng - HWC Malaysia

Rudy Ultraracing - HWC Malaysia


  1. That Barracuda with the Matchbox wheels looks AMAZING. I may have to do that when I find one. 240Z looks interesting as well.

  2. Cars Dominik Weirski are absolutely amazing! Good work. That black Buick Riviera is made very carefully, in detail. It's great.

  3. seattleO yes dude you are right wheels look amazing.

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