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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hot Wheels rare Off-Road Racing now available at Wheel Collectors...

I have gotten several questions over the last few months about the availability of the Off-Road Racing set from Hot Wheels.  The availability of the Road Racer set, including the E30 BMW and Greenwood Vette, has been well documented, but the Off-Road set seemed to come and go quickly as well.

While not as rare as the Road Racing set, acquiring the set in store was very difficult.  I saw it once at a Kmart, and it vanished quickly.  And I know a lot of others have had trouble finding several of the model, especially the Silverado, Pikes Peak Celica, and Land Cruiser.

So I wanted to give you a heads up that our friends at Wheel Collectors have several sets available, as well as a few singles.

This is still the only "off-road" version of the Silverado, and that model alone makes the set a must-have...

So grab them at Wheel Collectors, and make sure to mention Lamley to get 10% off your order...

A few of mine:


  1. Still need to get a set of these myself, especially the Bronco, Sandblaster, and that amazing Silverado.