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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Surprise!! Hot Wheels Batch G is now available at Wheel Collectors...

Don't ask me to try and figure out how Mattel distributes it product.  Batch F has yet to hit the pegs here in the US, yet I just got a call from our good friend Matt over at Wheel Collectors to let me know that Fedex just dropped of cases of Batch G...

Who knows how, who knows why, but they are here and available.  We should have them here at Lamley soon and we will do a full week of First Looks starting next week, so stay tuned...

But be sure to follow the link over to Wheel Collectors to see what is out, and we have included a few below.  We will not be seeing these on the pegs for at least a month...

Hot Wheels Batch G for sale...


  1. I'll buy the Pontiac, as usual.

  2. Got to have that Impala,the '59 is such a beauty I could see a new collector getting drawn into the hobby with that one,the 240z is a must too if I can find it.

  3. Cool, hope i can get the Loop Coupe at K-Day!

  4. What is the Loop Coupe never herd or seen it before?