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Sunday, February 17, 2013

As is the Custom: My faves for the week ending Feb 16, 2013...

Here we go again.  The customs just keep on coming.

Remember to submit your work to or on our Facebook Page...

Our Custom of the Week goes to...surprise...idi265.  You might think picking him this week is a little nod to the two Skylines he sent over this week, which we profiled Friday.  Now we are not above a bribe or two, but there is just no ignoring his work on these two Celicas, a GT Liftback and ST:

Also, I special mention of master detailer Franklin2700, whose ability to take basic castings and enhance them is second to none:

And on to the other choices for the week:

John Nilsson

-Aki- - Brunei

Robert Quinones

Llama Dalai

riles - HWC

neslessman - HWC

R1600 (gtplanet) with some fantastic decal work.

minh427 from the Biante Forum gets an award for being the first to take a shot at the 510 Wagon.  It may just be a wheel swap, but it looks good:

Putera Terbuang

Jackdy Custom Garage - HMC Malaysia

color wheels - HWC Malayia

Amm Minimonster - HWC Malaysia


  1. Oh man, that second to last Hachi Roku is outstanding!

  2. All great profiles, the Celica is a masterpiece. I love the Funnycar Wagon a gem. One of the best segments here on Lamley I make sure it's the first thing I check on Sunday Morning

    Swifty's Philly Wheels

  3. Would love to know where the wheels on the Celica came from.What a piece of art that car is and the wheels really set it off.

    1. Wheels the most important parts in a project and the hardest thing to come by.