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Friday, February 22, 2013

DMC Model of the Day: Kyosho BMW Mini Cooper Clubman...

It is a little late in the week, but Friday cannot pass with out our usual foray into the world of splendid Asian diecast, thanks to DMC.

In the last few weeks we have shown a few models from the BMW set recently released by Kyosho.  All three of those were classic BMW's, the 320i, M1, and E24 M6.  All three are signature Bimmers, and scream ultimate driving machine like Kyosho intended with this set.

And then there is this little detour that Kyosho takes in its BMW set.  Mini obviously has a rich legacy of its own, but in Britian.  Those legacies collided when BMW bought Mini and brought it back with a vengeance.  Some don't like BMW's toying with the Mini tradition by releasing the Countryman and Clubman, but they have, and the Countryman especially strikes my fancy.

And I like the Clubman too, and am really glad Kyosho did one.  Kyosho loves to mix up their sets, drawing from several directions when they put together a lineup.  It makes perfect sense, and gives collectors of these sets a nice variety of models.  Now would I complain if Kyosho dropped the Mini for an E30 in the next BMW set.  No way.  But there is clearly room for both, and I hope we see another BMW set soon...

And as always, a special thanks goes out to Daboxtoys (DMC) for making these models available.  The Mini, the entire BMW set, and a whole slew of other amazing items are available now on their website and on ebay at the best prices and shipping rates you can find...

Kyosho Mini Clubman (2013 BMW Set):

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  1. Then compare with Greenlight Motor World too .
    About size, precision detaling etc.