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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First Look: Multipack exclusive 2012 Corvette Z06 & '69 COPO Camaro...

We got ourselves a few of the Target Easter Speedster 5-packs in order to take a look at the newest multipack exclusives, so we might as well start.

We will keep with the bowtie today and feature two of Chevy's signature sports cars, one old and one new, starting with the Z06.

I am really glad we see a recolor of this 2012 model, even if it takes buying a multipack to get it.  The black Z06 was one of my favorite Corvette Hot Wheels models, and the red version compliments it perfectly. (I think that last sentence came from the fact that I have had "Chopped" on the tv while typing this post.)

Hot Wheels Corvette Z06 (2013 multipack exclusive):

And next, the COPO Camaro, recolored from the 2012 version (and 2012 Walmart exclusive).  The COPO really puts the other classic late 60's Camaro castings to shame.  Yes, '67 Camaro, I am talking to you.

Hot Wheels '69 COPO Camaro (2013 multipack exclusive):