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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Question of the Week: What is your favorite new Hot Wheels BMW?

It has been a BMW salad over at Mattel lately.  I have to think that no one is complaining.  Yes, the castings are well done, but the highlight here is the choices.  It is about time we have a 2002, and the E30 was such a surprise.

Then two racers, a redo of a classic Hot Wheels Beamer, and I have to guess there are more coming.

So with all this BMW love, naturally we have to pick a favorite.  I was all 2002, with its racing good looks and its filling of a huge classic BMW gap.  Then the E30 came along, and...uh...yeah, that's my choice.  Way my choice.  It makes me not write good.  I like it tons.

So, before I embarrass myself anymore...

Your choice?  Tell us here, or on Facebook.  After all, it is the Question of the Week... 




M3 GT2?


'92 M3?


  1. I really like the E92 but the E30 casting looks great and the graphics really set it off.

  2. IDK why, but I really like the '92 M3. I guess I'm just drawn more toward the boxy/curvy style.

  3. I preffers the '92 M3, the body of the car is perfect, they know how set the lines of the 1:1 into the 1/64 model car, with strong lines perfect simmetry, good size in the headlight, nice tail and the best of all with same size wheels... the RoadRCR for me is the best car of the 2012.

    Daniel G.

  4. The E30 M3 has been the best BMW release with the M1 in a close second. The E30 M3 embodies BMW's former slogan "The Ultimate Driving Machine." Due to homologation rules of European Touring Car racing, BMW had to make revisions to the body, suspension, drive train and brakes on the street car. Which in turn created one of the most renown performance tuning companies in the world, M Division. The first M3 was purely driver focused and not designed by a committee. To this day, people still compare new M3s with the first M3. BMW would not be were it is today without the original M3 and M5.

  5. Hey! What About the M3 convertible from the 90's? I want to see it back, that's a great cast.

  6. I have a 850i Final Run this (for me )is the Best Hot Wheels BMW ever made

  7. I have to say the E30 M3 is my favorite BMW casting


  8. 2002 all the way! Beautiful car; great casting. Love it. E30 is definitely cool, but something just doesn't click for me...I don't know what. Maybe it's that all the ones I have found have a ridiculous stance? 7 E30s at the store, all with the rear end down low and the front jacked up in the air. Drilled one open, and could find nothing wrong...

  9. Which is my favorite Hot Wheels BMW? Yes.

  10. My favourite BMW? I think its the M3 E92. Others do come close (like the E30, 2002, and even the M Roadster, but its not mentioned here), but the winner is still the E92. Why? Because there is absolutely nothing wrong with the casting itself. All it needs is an appropriate design on the outside and its a gem. Plus the recent 2013 version looks killer in that Black color and 10sp wheels. So, M3 E92 it is.

    - Black Wind, Swiftysgarage.

  11. The E30. The 2002 is a close second (especially the blue one). The M1 casting is technically a retool, but of course, it's great to see it back.

    1. Left my handle out of the above comment:

      -ThisDudeAbides (Hobbytalk)

  12. For me the best one is 92' M3 Silver version

  13. Yeah '92 M3 is my choice too.

  14. once i put mu hands on silver '92 M3 it will become my fav