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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Just Unveiled: The Summit Racing '67 Camaro will be the 12th Super Treasure Hunt...

Just a quick check-in to let our Lamley friends know that word is out that the 12th Super Treasure Hunt of 2013 will in fact be the most iconic of Hot Wheels, the '67 Camaro.  The model boasts the Summit Racing logo like the regular version, but the hood gets white stripes and the Summit Logo on the roof.  I am sure pics will surface elsewhere, but we thought you would like to know the news.  Anything pertaining to the '67 Camaro will turn the HW community on its proverbial head...


  1. You are so right!! Any Camaro is hot!!

    Thanks for the tip...Donnie³

  2. I love the Camaro SS, I work at a South New Jersey Chevy dealership, and I get to see and drive them all the time. The acceleration is unbelievable compared to the six cylinder model. The SS is just a great car and while comparable to the mustang in terms of performance, It outclasses the mustang in style.