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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Evasive Motorsports Honda S2000...

While this model is part of the just-being-released batch H, we will designate this post a "Model of the Day" as opposed to First Look, seeing that most of you have seen this model all over the place, including multipacks.

But that doesn't mean we are not excited to show this one.  The Hot Wheels Honda S2000, designed by S2000 guru Ryu Asada, has been the beneficiary of some killer designs since it debuted in 2011.  The new Evasive version is no exception.  And it shouldn't be.  It is based on a real car, Evasive's Time Attack S2000, and happily you can get a $1 version as opposed to shelling out $50,000 for the real thing.  As much as the real thing would be a blast, I will settle with racing the Hot Wheels version across my desk.  (Plus, for another dollar you can get its twin, a recolor in red due very soon.)

So while most of you have seen this one, here are the pics, maybe for just my enjoyment.  This has been one of my favorite Hot Wheels models since its release, and anytime I can show pics, I will do it...

(Hot Wheels Honda S2000 for sale...)

Hot Wheels Honda S2000 (2013 Mainline):

The Family:

2011 yellow

2011 silver (still my favorite version)

2011 red

2012 blue

2012 Walmart exclusive with banner

2012 Super TH

2012 Super TH wheel variation

2012 maroon



  1. When I get this blue S2000 I will finally get the gloss blue paint though I still covet that gloss blue Treasure Hunt.

  2. This is my favourite casting. I have all of them save for the red AEM and $uper with 5-spoke RR wheel variation.

  3. Well done Hot Wheels! Bloody well done! Even though the silver version is my favourite (because I only have that), this comes a close second. Whenever I find this its coming home with me, thats for sure.

    - Black Wind, SwiftysGarage.

  4. very nice. hope they'll release a candy color blue one similar to the one used by the Initial D character :) also, hope that it would be part of the regular line as its price will surely balloon if they release it Initial D diecast cars