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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Back to the Future DeLorean & Ferris Bueller's Sister's Pontiac Fiero...

These are hitting stores right now, so we want to make sure our showcase gets out.

This batch includes more models, and we decided to showcase two.  The Back to the Future Time Machine (I like to call it a Delorean), and Ferris Bueller's sister's Fiero.  Why these two?  I am a child of the 80's, and with apologies to Top Gun, Karate Kid, Star Wars sequels, and Indiana Jones, no two movies defined our entry into teen-dom than these two.  Plus, I don't think there is a car to make from Revenge of the Nerds.  (And mom didn't take you to that one.  Revenge of the Nerds was always shown after Friday the 13th on the VCR at your friend's slumber party after the parents went to bed.)

Now the the Delorean is a no-brainer, and we all know why.  Next to the General Lee there may not be a more iconic car from the movies.  So there's that.  Now the Fiero is what takes the cool level of the Retro Series to another level.

We all know about Cameron's Dad's Ferrari, and I could not be more excited that Hot Wheels is doing that one.  But Ferris got the computer, and Jeanie got the car.  And yeah, Hot Wheels already had the Fiero casting, and probably would not have built if from scratch, but who cares?  We have it, and it is awesome.  Ferris might be one righteous dude, but Jeanie made out with Charlie Sheen.

Fiero wins.

(Find the Retro Entertainment Series at Wheel Collectors, and take advantage of their 14% sale...)

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Back to the Future Delorean & Ferris Bueller Pontiac Fiero:


  1. Totally disappointed with the DeLorean. Looks like the mainline is even more detailed.

  2. That Delorean gets a big fat MEH. But I love that Fiero, I'm gonna try to get that one; maybe shoot for two. But I can't wait till that Ferrari gets here, that is at the top of my list, I admit.