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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First Look: OEM Factory Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 in gloss and matte black...

Remember, a couple of weeks ago, when we showcased two OEM Factory Lamborghinis?

I said there may be nothing to say, because the models are too good and the photos will do all the talking.  Guess what?  We have nothing to say.

We will only say that when Felix over at Daboxtoys got these, he told me that he hadn't seen a better 1:64 model in a very long time.  We now have a few in hand, and we totally agree.  This model is fantastic.

We have three models, and here are two of them.  One in gloss black, one in matte black.  They are available right now at Daboxtoys, but they sell out quickly, so jump on them ASAP.

Enjoy the pics.  We sure did.

OEM Factory Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 (matte black and gloss black):

The next Ferrari we will showcase:


  1. They look great, i am craving the 3rd Ferrari's review!

  2. These are making me want to spend money I don't have!

  3. Got me a matte nice. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. I got a red one and it's totally amazing. Look at the details of those wheels, that spoiler, those headlights, etc