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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels '70 Chevelle SS recolored in black with Edelbrock racing livery...

A little pop in to let you know that our regular social media perusal has yielded another tidbit of news.  The '70 Chevelle SS, a model that has already proven popular with its low racing stance and fantastic gulf coloring, is getting a new outfit.  Out is the retro Gulf look, and in is the out-on-the-town little black dress.

I guess the only way you can recolor a model in Gulf livery is to reverse the colors, so Hot Wheels did the right thing and changed the entire deco.  What is left appears to be a total looker.

Hopefully we have this soon to give it the entire Lamley treatment.

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  1. Love how you cropped out the photo to force people to check your blog lol

    Regardless I'm down for a recolour. The lowered ride height is too mean to ignore.

  2. I like more this than other!!!

    Look that two toyota


  3. It makes me feel stupid. I bought the gulf one, and despite all the neverending hype on anything with that theme, I'm not particularly fond of it. I got it just cause the casting was just so freaking awesome. And now they announce this...I would trade 3 of the gulf ones for one of these. ¬¬

  4. THIS NEEDS TO FIND ITS WAY TO MY COLLECTION NOW!!! This is indeed fantastic!


  5. Great casting by How Wheels. Its awesome to customize too.