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Friday, May 17, 2013

Just Unveiled: Upcoming Hot Wheels Zamacs - Datsun 240Z, Ferrari F12Berlinetta, and '68 Shelby Mustang GT500...

Our daily perusal of Facebook and Twitter coughed up some interesting information.

The next Hot Wheels Zamacs are on their way, and they are quite the trio.  We have learned already about the VW Scirocco Zamac, but there are more, including the Datsun 240Z and two new 2013 models, the Ferrari F12Berlinetta and 68 Shelby GT500.

Of course this does create a bit of a mystery.  According to the Zamac blister cards, there are 12 Walmart exclusives.  With the nine already released, these four on their way makes 13.  So either there is another batch, or possible the Shelby and Ferrari are straight recolors, and there is still a third Walmart Zamac exclusive to be released with the VW and Datsun. 

Of course time will tell, but we will sit back and relish in the fact that we have another JDM Zamac.  The Datsun is fantastic...

The pics we found:


  1. Freaking awesome! Can't wait for the Datsun 240Z!! It makes an great zamac!same goes for the Berlinetta! You bet I'm putting real riders on those two!

  2. The last wave of zamacs was decent, but I like this batch even better! These are all cars I collect. I'll take every single one of these.

  3. hopefully the hoarders leave me some! That Datsun is sweeeet. About time we got a nice Mustang zamac