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Monday, May 20, 2013

Matchbox Monday First Look, Part 1: Blaze Blitzer, Renault Master Ambulance, Ground Grinder, & All-Terrain Crane...

It being Matchbox Monday, we thought we would go through a few new models.  But we are dividing into two different posts, mainly because we don't know how to lump the Fisker Karma in with a bunch of new Matchbox emergency and construction vehicles.

Truthfully, lumping a fire truck and ambulance with a crane and scraper probably doesn't make too much sense either, but they are all new models, and they are all just appearing in stores.  So there.

To further this, why not call this Part 1 of a two-part series that will conclude next week when we have the 60th Anniversary counterparts of three of these (we have already seen the Renault).

Discussing emergency and construction vehicles is not our bread and butter, we will refrain and just show the photos.  Our opinions on the castings?  The crane is not something we like, but what do we know?  The other three look really nice, and I personally probably favor the European Fire Truck.

Maybe I will ask one of the emergency collectors who frequents this site to put together something on European fire trucks.  Better reading that than trying to listen to me.

But do listen to this (or read it):

If you have not visited our Matchbox Monday partner, MVE Collectibles, please do.  All these models are there, as are many other basic and 60th Anniversary Matchbox.  And their subscription service is second to none.  The "One-of-Each" program ensures you get one of each model without having to figure out what to do with duplicates.  Much better than buying a whole case.  Check them out...

Matchbox Blaze Blitzer, Renault Master Ambulance, Ground Grinder, & All-Terrain Crane (2013 New Models):

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  1. I love the ground grinder. I've had a fascination with graders since I was a kid. I don't like other construction equipment, but the long thin nose and blade that looks like a race wing, I've always thought of them as sort of F1 car meets off road. Maybe I should paint one with an F1 livery and see if my imagination holds true to the concept

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