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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First Look: Hot Wheels '65 Mustang 2x2 Fastback recolored in blue...

We have some models to get through, and although I don't have much to write about this one, I wanted to show it.

The '65 Mustang his been hit-and-miss for me.  Sometimes I think it is too wide, other times too flat, but sometimes it just looks just right.

Right now is one of those "just right" times.

The 10-spokes work very well on this model, and seem to bring it a little more balance.  And while I really liked the grey version with orange trim, I love the baby blue combo on the recolor.

Yeah, not a lot to say.  But enjoy the pics...

(And pick it up here if you are so inclined...)

Hot Wheels '65 Mustang 2x2 Fastback (2013 Basic Recolor):