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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Model of the Day: Majorette Porsche 911 Carrera...

We don't get to show too many Majorettes on the Lamley Blog, but not because we don't like them.  Majorettes are a nice compliment to those that collect Hot Wheels and Matchbox.  Same scale, many similar choices, nice realism, but with more of an emphasis on European cars.  Between the Mattel brands, Majorette, and Tomica, a nice international collection can develop.

The problem is Majorette's are pretty hard to acquire for anyone outside of Europe.  For that matter, I have heard they can be difficult for many within Europe to find as well.  Majorette had some serious factory difficulties that were only recently resolved, and new models have finally started to surface.  But the only way for a US-based collector to get them is to either have a good trading partner in Europe, or to go to ebay.

And either way is worth it.  These are nice models.  We recently acquired four fairly new Majorette models, and the Porsche 911 Carrera is the first of those we will feature.  You can see that Majorette goes for a stock look, and it works quite well.  Especially with Matchbox and Hot Wheels doing the GT3, and Tomica Limited Vintage going with a classic 911 and 912, this stock Carrera is nice to sit in the middle.

We are looking forward to future Majorette offerings, like the SLS, Honda CR-Z, and Nissan GT-R, and hope to show them off here once they come out.  In the meantime, enjoy the Porsche the other three we will show shortly...

And if you are interested, find the Majorette Porsche on ebay...

Majorette Porsche 911 Carrera:


  1. The really really spectacular is the 911 GT3, like this one:

    If the one showed here is decent (it's a casting done for Dickie Toys before Dickie Simba Smoby purchased Majorette), the new castings for Majorette are really superb.

  2. Can you put a a picture of Panamera (Majorette)? It´s awesome.

  3. Now you know what it is like trying to get Matchbox in Europe.....

    Same story, different brand.

  4. A good source for Majorette diecasts can be found at an Ebay business "eQuality Store" (nondas72). I purchased my first Majorette for my collection, from this
    seller from Greece. It was a Racing Collection SUBARU IMPREZA STi WRC and you can still get this particular model as well as some other unique and rare diecast models. They're great to work with and you might find something interesting.

  5. Boy, i'd love to work in tandem with someone overseas looking for MBX in exchange for Majorette.
    I loved Majorette as a kid. You couldn't destroy them. Great quality and some really interesting castings. I wish they still sold them here.


  6. I had a few. They where easy to find about 25-28 years ago when I lived in Puerto Rico . They had the sets at neighborhood pharmacies. I loved a Mazda rx-7 that I had.


  7. Hey guys

    Check out my 911 and my 911 GT3

    1/64 Diecast