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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Surprise! The Ferrari-riffic Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch D just arrived at Wheel Collectors...

Another pop in to let you know that we just got off the phone with Matt at Wheel Collectors, and we was very excited to show off Hot Wheels Retro Batch D.

This is surely the macho-est set yet.  A Magnum Ferrari, a Miami Vice Ferrari, an A-Team Corvette, a Stroker Ace Stock Car, and nothing is more macho than a Brady Bunch Wagon.  Johnny Bravo is the coolest, no doubt about it, you dig!!

Follow the link below to see all the models, and if you feel inclined to grab a couple, be sure to mention Lamley to get 10% off your entire order...

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch D



    That is all :D


  2. Must be a variation on the Brady bunch. I've seen pics with an Orange car. I like the orange one better.

  3. What is the difference between this GTS and the HW Garage one?

  4. Everything looks great, but if I'm honest, I'm the most interested in the Ferraris, of course! Magnum PI, Miami Vice, what more can I say? I will admit though, that Stroker Ace T-Bird could get a little action from my wallet too. We'll see.

  5. I may actually purchase all of these. And that will be a first, since this series has come out. Nice job Mattel!