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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Greetings from Albuquerque: The Matchbox Gathering has begun, and we have our first unveiling...

Popping in just to say hello to everyone.  Matchbox nerds from around the world have gathered and things are in full swing...

I will dive into the details in my final Ambassador Report, but cake has been eaten, presentations are being made, and camera flashes are running rampant.  I will adhere to Lamley's strict "no-humans-in-photos" policy, so here are some of non-human photos the iPhone has taken:

The 1:1 scale Superlift

The cake

Some finds

And finally, an unveiling.  As we have shown here, every year Matchbox produces a Code 1 exclusive for collector Everett Marshall's Charity Golf Tournament.  Everett had this year's model, the Ford F-550 Fire Pumper, in hand for us to take a gander.  It is quite the looker:

We will do a First Look on this one shortly, and also give you all the instructions to grab one for your collection.  

I have the Lamley Studio here and have been taking a ton of photos.  The exclusives have been photographed, as have the Mattel-donated auction prepros.  And finally, I was granted access to the 2014 model prototypes and upcoming models and was able to photograph them all in the studio.  My final Ambassador Report should be a good one.

Check back later as we will unveil the Dinner and Dealer models here on Lamley as they are revealed to collectors.  

Stay tuned...


  1. Is there any way to purchase this golf tournament model without attending the event

    1. Yes there is. When we do a First Look on the this one we will pass along all the info...