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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Walmart exclusive Zamac Datsun 240Z carded...

Just popping on to show the first image we have seen of the upcoming Hot Wheels Zamac Datsun 240Z on the card.

Start checking your Walmarts because this will be part of Batch N, which is in the process of hitting the floor.

So JDM fans, which Zamac wins?  The 240Z or the R34 Skyline?  Tough choice...

(We found the Zamac 240Z on eBay as well, but it is suffering from a very bad case of overprice-isis.)


  1. it look so sick!!!

  2. It's "240Z" bro, not "240X" in the title... XD

  3. how many zamacs are they realing this year?