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Sunday, August 18, 2013

As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending August 17, 2013...

Thanks again to everyone who submitted their work.  Keep them coming.

You can send your photos to, post them on our Facebook Page, or tag them with #lamleycustoms on Instagram.

Now on with the show...

@denz_idris - Instagram

Bobby Ullmann


@actionfigurecomics - Instagram

Putera Terbuang

Hanzel Conchas

Brian Jyl

@mo_dojo - Instagram

Remus Nicola


@a_r_n_e_l - Instagram

@justingoodson - Instagram

AnhMinh To

Huy Nguyen

Custom Kunst

Mass Putra USACC Kustomz

@xsmetaldesigns - Instagram


Bobby Ullman

Hadi's Artworks

Jofre Cabaluna

Christ - HWC Vietnam

Anton Rossouw

Edgar Torres Farias

Nahuel Ditomaso

@thr33z3r05iv3 - Instagram

@diecast_collector - Instagram

Mike Bennett

Paolo de Chavez


  1. That Nova wagon with the rake is perfect. Orange Rabbit, and the green altered wheelbase gasser are sweet too. How are those deep-dish rims made?!

  2. Whoa, that Talbot Lago is insane! Not something I would have done myself, but it looks cool. French rat rod, haha. Never thought I would put that in the same sentence.

    By the way, that T34 ghia is gorgeous! The whitewalls are a perfect fit.

  3. I like the red Mk2 Golf GTI and T34

  4. Awesome work! I really enjoyed Putera Terbuang's rides. Those F&F GTR's are really cool. That blue Toyoata P/U with the white wheels and retro graphics caught my eye. Also, lees is more with the red Supra with Pro-Circuit wheels is very clean. Nice work!