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Sunday, August 25, 2013

As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending August 24, 2013...

It is time for another journey through the joy that is "This Week in Customizing"...

As always, you can submit your customs by emailing photos to, post them on the Lamley Facebook Page, or hashtag them with #lamleycustoms on Instagram.

Now on the with show.  Enjoy...

Hadi's Artworks

Alfred Lam Hc

Paulo Vicente

Aaron Kwong - AK Modeling (you can see how he did it here...)


Justin Tu - HWC Vietnam

@Redstone_ore - Twitter

Dylan Cancela Cuevas

mad-mike - HWC

Alex Boock


Mack N Chiz

Jeremy Pyott

old_skool_sr - Swifty's Garage

HellsDept - HWC

rikker78 - HWC

@bobbysanders22 - Instagram

@b_haryan Jan's Diecast Garage (via @adrizainuddin) - Instagram


  1. how i can buy a custom from evilsonics? can anyone send the the email?

  2. you can find him on facebook. try to message him from there