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Friday, August 2, 2013

Finally!! The last batch of Hot Wheels Flying Customs has been released, including the Kenmeri Skyline, Chevy Chevette, and Texas Drive 'Em...

The good news:

The last batch of the disastrous Hot Wheels Flying Customs line has finally been found at retail.  One of our Lamley friends, Leon T and his office collecting mates Andy (with his son Bryan) and Ha Mo, found the final batch in Hong Kong just yesterday, and they were kind enough to take some pics and send them our way.

This means fans of the Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (enthusiastically raising our hands), brand new Chevy Chevette, and Texas Drive 'Em can feel good that these models made it out of the factory (legally).

The bad news:

This line, better known as the "(Not) Flying (off the pegs at all) Customs", is clogging pegs all over the US.  With Cool Customs starting to trickle in, it is only a matter of time before these hit the clearance aisle make way for the new stuff.  It is hard to imagine that this last batch will hit stores in high numbers like earlier batches, if even at all.

There is some real fear that this batch might follow the same path as the final batch of Hot Wheels Racing, which left collectors scrambling for their Greenwood Vettes and BMW E30s.  Hong Kong is the first place to have them, and a few other places are sure to follow, but your guess as to where is as good as ours...

Nonetheless, let the hunt begin.  I have to at least snag one fabulous Kenmeri...

1 comment:

  1. I must confess, the Chevette looks better than I thought it would. Still have to give it that John Stockton though, which means a big fat PASS!

    I will buy that Skyline though, but I will definitely change them wheels, at least. Never really cared too much for Hot Ones. but I'm gonna love that Skyline with the metal base though.

    I usually don't buy too many trucks, but somehow that Texas Drive em is calling my name. But I will give it a whole new ensemble, fresh fits and new kicks. Then, it will have some true swagger.